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Meme fest on Twitter as “buythedip” rockets to the trending list.

Twitter is once again witnessing a downpour of hilarious memes, all thanks to crypto and the dip which has sent users into a frenzy. It seems like the cryptocurrencies are taking a deep dive because since Tuesday the graphs haven’t come up. And from the rising number of memes and responses on Twitter, seems like it is continuing to fall. It is a fact established and accepted that investing in crypto means bracing yourselves for a roller coaster ride. And right now, the roller coaster is dangerously close to the ground. Perhaps things might get better in a few days. After all, we are talking about crypto. You can always expect the unexpected.


Falling and Falling

Ever since Tuesday, cryptocurrencies have been falling with the world’s largest cryptocurrency dipping to almost 8.2 percent. Ether has also tumbled significantly, almost by 10 percent. And if the reports are to be believed, in the past 24 hours, the entire crypto domain has witnessed a rather massive fall. Experts are of the opinion that perhaps the fall in prices is a direct impact of the new tax-reporting requirements for digital currencies. For those who aren’t aware, these requirements are part of the infrastructure bill that President Biden signed this Monday. Finally, the season of prosperity is transitioning to a not-so-pleasant time. And quite naturally, the investors are in a frenzy once again caught in the dilemma of whether to hold or sell. There is no greater confusion of holding on or letting go than the one experienced by crypto investors. And this tumult of the mind is well expressed through the plethora of hilarious memes that have been filling Twitter. After all, the Twitter town never fails to respond to the slightest change in the crypto domain. Let us flip through a few of the hilarious reactions and responses on Twitter.

Well, what to say? Life can be hard.

It takes some effort to keep a straight face while reading this.

Experience is the key, my friend.


It seems like you should wait for a while.

It seems like the dip is going to get many people to the tipping point of their sanity (which might have already gone for a toss since the fall in prices commenced).

It all happens in the blink of an eye.

Seems like this scene is going to go on for a while.

The ultimate dilemma.

Now that is a very accurate depiction.



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