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US will launch an effort to recruit expertise to resist cyberattacks with higher compensation & less red tape.

he Cyber Talent Management System was created seven years after Congress instructed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to create a federal recruiting tool focused on attracting specialists to assist protect the country from cyberattacks.
The new method aims to streamline a notoriously red- tape hiring process while also increasing salary.
The debut comes nearly a year after the revelation of Solarwinds, the Russian spy effort that entered more than government and private computer networks, and after an avalanche of ransomware assaults targeting essential infrastructure, including oil and gas pipelines.”We can not rely solely on traditional hiring mechanisms to fill mission-critical openings as our nation continues to face an evolving threat landscape,” DHS Secretary Mayorkas said in a statement.
On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security will publish 150″ priority” jobs. The positions are administered by the federal government’s newest agency, the Cyber Security Infrastructure Agency (CISA), which was established in 2018, as well as the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Chief Information Officer. According to Cyber Seek, a computer employment-tracking database run by the US Commerce Department, and the trade association CompTIA, there are roughly cybersecurity job openings countrywide. Senior homeland security experts estimate that more than of the vacant posts are within the federal government. DHS has employed nearly 500 cybersecurity workers over the summer. Recruiting a youthful, diverse staff is one area where the federal government has failed. According to figures from the Office of Personnel Management, about 3 of the federal government’s IT workforce is under 30 years old. In total, there are 16 times as many government IT workers over 50 as there are under 30. The White House recorded information security incidents across the federal government in 2020, an increase of 8 from the former year. According to the FBI, ransomware payouts exceeded$ 400 million last time.
Cybersecurity experts think that the new recruiting tool is just the beginning of the federal government’s efforts to make cyber a top national security issue. Despite accounting for over half of the federal workforce, women make up only a quarter of government cyber professionals. Jen Easterly, CISA’s director, has published nearly daily job bulletins on Twitter and other social media channels. “This is not a technical problem. It is not even a help issue” Stier explained. “This is a far bigger issue of strategic prioritization and acknowledgment of a basic danger that affects nearly everything we do. As a result, we must approach it as such. And I do not believe we have arrived yet.”