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Memes and Responses touch the peak with the Windows 11 leak.

Microsoft was all set to surprise its users with Windows 11 on June 24. However, the plates have turned and a surprise was brewing for Microsoft. Because way before the release date a leaked build of Windows 11 was doing its rounds on the internet. Talk about shocking surprises. While the details suggest the improvised return of a few features, it also promises additional features that are worth looking forward to. And leaked or not, Windows 11 has surely piqued the interest of the users and they can’t keep calm about it.

The images revealing details about the new version of Windows were first spotted on Baidu 0n the 15th of June, a week ahead of the actual launch. It seems like Microsoft is all on with evolution with the latest design. Following the confirmation that the images were that of Windows 11, various websites have begun using it. However, heads up folks! There is a possibility that the leaked version is not the complete one, and thus using it before the company has had its say would not be very prudent.

Twitter, inevitably is filled with responses and memes, for excitement is hard to contain especially when a surprise unveils way before the expected time. Here is a compilation of the best reactions and responses from Twitter.

Patience is preferable. But excitement is hard to contain. On that note, Windows 11 does look promising.

Assumptions and speculations are always welcome. Let’s hope for the best.

Looks like some things need to be straightened out.

People are clearly impressed.

Is somebody sleeping? Or is Hex vexed?

There are diverse opinions. We still don’t know who pranked who though.

Last laugh is always hard to decide.

Patience is the key.

And some food for thought.

As the saying goes, “Change is the only constant.”



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