Twitter down

Memes flare up as Twitter goes down

Twitter is in for yet another torrent of hilarious memes. However, this time the joke is on Twitter. To the dismay of several users, Twitter was inaccessible for a while. Given the fact that Twitter is the place people rush to when other apps go down, the users were quite unhappy. And as we know, when the denizens of Twitter town go through any emotion, good or bad, it takes the form of memes, and hilarious ones at that. How can Twitterati keep calm and suppress their meme-making prowess when such an opportunity presents itself. Hence, we have chain reaction memes on Twitter.

Twitter down

Memes and More Memes

It is a known fact that Twitter never gets weary of memes. At the moment, most memes reflect a rather confused set of users who cannot decide where to go to as the master itself has gone down. Let us take a look at the long line of memes.

Life never runs of irony, does it?

“After all this time…..always.” Every single time!

Now that would have been such a relief

Going around in circles huh.

Force of habit. You can’t really help it.

Now that is a tradition we will not give up very soon.

The trauma…

Who doesn’t like a break?

Exploring new lands and people. Perhaps you can make that a pastime.

We never run out of choices, do we?

Thomas seems really angry

As Gimli said in the Lord Of The Rings, “Faithless is the man who says farewell when the road darkens.” Just saying.

Try the mirror perhaps.

Diving right in

Don’t be too quick to say farewell my friend.

Well, everyone will want to taste success at least once in a while.

The power it wields!

And here we have another genius giving good old existential crisis. Way to go my friend.