Litecoin memes

Memes flow from all directions following the fake press release stating a partnership between Walmart and Litecoin.

Memes make their way to Twitter town following a fake press release stating a partnership between the biggest retailer in the U.S and Litecoin. The news had the effect of a hornet’s nest being disturbed as eager users expressed their excitement through responses following which the prices of Litecoin saw a commendable rise, only to tumble down to the ground after the declaration by Walmart that the press report was fake and not authentic. Seems like it was a rollercoaster ride for Litecoin that went up for a while and then, abruptly down.

The What and How

When it comes to cryptocurrency, speculations, and guesswork are quite normal, however this time with Litecoin, it overstepped the limit and manifested in the form of a fake news report which quite audaciously stated that Walmart, the biggest retailer in the U.S would start accepting cryptocurrency for payments. On the surface, the news looks quite normal and natural given the fact that many leading companies have already adopted cryptocurrency. However, the plot twist was that Walmart had no idea of this rather ominous partnership that sprang up out of the blue.

The press release was sent out by GlobeNewswire and soon after Walmart’s spokesperson disavowed the claims. They are also in touch with the newswire company to further the investigation related to the fake report. According to the newswire company, this incident is the first of its kind and they have put up necessary safety measures to ensure that a similar event doesn’t happen in the future.

Following the report, the prices of Litecoin saw a momentary spike only to come down after the truth of the matter came forth. However, Twitter already took up the matter to its hands and memes started to flow from all directions. Litecoin prices might have gone down, but memes are still on the rise on Twitter. Let us take a look.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye.

Am I reading it right?

They just forgot one small thing. And fortunately or unfortunately, that made a hell of a difference.

That is a very good point.

A rather “lit” joke.

It was one fine day after all.

As they say “Don’t rush.”

They both had absolutely no idea folks.

Let us wrap up with a good course of action.