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Memes Make It To The Top As ‘Crypto Crash’ Trends On Twitter

A massive wave of memes and jokes hit the walls of Twitter as crypto value comes crashing down. Memes and jokes have been a staple element in the case of cryptocurrency owing to its characteristic of transience. However, these days with an unprecedented fall in crypto rates memes are almost taking the form of a rather cruel irony. Memes on the rise while the market keeps falling to deeper depths.

Cryptocrash memes trend on Twitter

The atmosphere is buzzing with the dilemma of whether to buy the dip or hold. Given the static nature of the present dip with no sign of the graphs going up, the decision becomes all the more challenging. For one wrong move, and it will be a saga of woes.

The Backstory

The roots of the fall point directly towards the Chinese crackdown on bitcoin. Although a ban on bitcoin was present in 2013, it wasn’t given much focus or importance as nobody exhibited any enthusiasm in enforcing it. It is always easier to shrug away a law that has zero chances of being enforced and thus by default, zero danger. However, now it seems like China is determined to make sure the law is in place and carried out with ample force.

Cryptocrash memes trends on twitter

According to the law, financial firms will no longer be able to back the mining and selling of crypto. With this serious enforcement of the old ban and the closure of mining operations in the Sichuan province, the situation has become rather gloomy and dark for cryptocurrency. It has been a literal fall from glory after the abrupt rise of crypto in April. This once again underscores the major characteristics of the crypto market. The characteristic of impermanence. One day, you are the king of the world, and the next, you are out in the streets with no idea how it happened.

Memes On The Rise

Crypto might be falling, that does not mean that memes are going to be out of stock. On the contrary, with the rapid fall in crypto rates, netizens are getting all the more enthusiastic about refining their meme-making skills to absolute perfection. And this is very well reflected in the fact that ‘cryptocrash’ has hit the trending list on Twitter.

The memes are funny to look at, however, the question of who will have the last laugh is still one with rather nebulous answers. With zero traces of a probable market recovery in sight, it will be best to steer away from that question and focus on the memes alone and have a good laugh, or a sad laugh, whichever that suits you. Here is a compilation of the best memes and jokes from Twitter.

Bravado is not always wise.

Wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes.

April and May did manage to deceive people.

At times, buying the dip will directly take you to the tip of the cliff.

It cannot get any more real than this.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Turning a blind eye works too.

Talk about unwavering determination.

Memes are beginning to resemble reality to a terrifying extend,

Nobody saw it coming.




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