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Men Of War 2 announced for 2022

Men of War 2 will hit Steam for PC in 2022, according to an announcement made at the 2021 Golden Joystick Awards, which highlighted some of the exciting new features that the original developer of the series has planned for the next release. As pointed out in the press release, “Men of War 2” will return to the origins of the series, rebuilding and redefining real-time strategy gameplay.

Men Of War 2

Credit @ 1C Company

Since its first release, “Men of War 2” has produced many additional components and derivative products, returning to the foundation of the series, rebuilding, and reshaping strategic real-time gameplay. The game provides two campaign modes. The commander can fight on the western and eastern fronts, play alone, or in a multiplayer cooperative game with up to five players. The battle will be divided into two storylines, the Eastern Front and the Western Front of World War II. Fans will be able to interpret the combined forces of the Soviet Union and the West in these stories.

The eastern portion of the campaign will follow the Allied forces seeking to free Normandy from Axis capture after D-Day. Back in World War II, Men of War 2 will introduce story-driven campaigns on the Western and Eastern Fronts that allow you to play as an ally or Soviet player in single or co-op with up to five players.

Men of War II will also have complete module support, providing commanders with unlimited possibilities to create new battle scenarios through specialized level design and a set of module tools. With unique level design and modular tools, players have unlimited possibilities to create new war scenes.


Developer Best Way revealed a new trailer that shows the war between two different fronts and a release window of 2022. This tactical real-time strategy will mark the (slightly distorted) decade of the development of the man of war and will start with a new record. The game was developed by 1C Entertainment, which worked with the original developer Best Way to develop the next chapter of the RTS franchise.

The game will also include full mod support so that players can create their own scenarios using a specific level design. Men of War 2 will bring realistic physics and completely destructible objects with it which will be a great advantage in customizations. This is facilitated by the fact that Men of War 2 will launch with advanced new AI technology that will allow you to command different types of historically accurate units to craft your ideal strategic plans. You will also have to manage an ever-changing frontline determined by the position of your units.

Players can control individual units using direct controls, and upgrade and repair equipment and vehicles. The single-player will support the collaboration of up to 4 players and can be also be played solo. Prepare to face enemy armies in intense all-out combat attacks in the series ‘most advanced multiplayer online mode for Men Of War 2.

Men Of War 2

Credit @ 1C Company

This real-time World War II strategy game will provide a single-player movie experience, offering two battles, telling the story of the Allied forces and the Soviet Union and the Third Reich during World War II. Returning to World War II, Best Way turned its attention to battles and scenes never seen before in this series, including conflicts such as the Battle of Falaise Pocket and Operation Bagration. Although the “Men of War” game has a strong multiplayer culture, the series also offers an excellent single-player game that returns with two fully in-depth battles.

Men of War II will be exclusive for PC on release. The developers have shown interest in modding, which means players will be able to have their own unique experience when playing the title. From improved graphics and sound design to much more devastating maps that will allow players to blast destroyed bridges, trees, buildings, rivers, and more, Best Way seems to place the same value on Men of War II. minor features are as much as its main features.

During the demonstration, the developer Best Way also paid great attention to the complexity of the Man of War tank mechanics-there are many fairly complex UI elements on the screen that indicate the type of damage you have caused to the tank, and obviously, there are a lot of focuses. From what we have seen of the front-line manipulation-the core part of Men of War 2-an an example of a historical real-time strategy that players are familiar with is the use of tanks to break through, for example, to protect them. Effective support. In doing so, the infantry unit actually moved this line. Best Way implements Direct Vision based on the original mechanism, allowing you to see a single soldier on the battlefield.

The game is expected to release in 2022, but the exact release date has yet to be announced. We expect it to come out in late 2022 as we have just received the announcement. You can watch the trailer for the game below as it launches on PC in 2022.



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