Siddhartha Gupta Mercer Mettl

Mercer | Mettl appoints Siddhartha Gupta as CEO

Siddhartha Gupta Mercer Mettl

12 March 2019, India:

Mettl, which has been recently acquired by Mercer, today announced the appointment of Siddhartha Gupta as new Chief Executive Officer. Siddhartha’s previous role with Mercer I Mettl was Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

Mustafa Faizani, CEO UAE and IMETA, said, “We’re moving from a position of strength and continue to transform Mercer | Mettl and take it to new heights. Ketan and Tonmoy will focus their efforts on expanding Mercer | Mettl’s offerings across our International Region to help companies in India and other growth markets make better evidence-based people decisions.”

Mustafa Faizani added, “Siddhartha has overseen a period of hugely significant change in Mercer | Mettl’s history, driving growth and profitability and leading the post-merger integration of Mettl into the Mercer. We are very pleased to have him take on this new role and look forward to leveraging his expertise in steering Mercer | Mettl forward,”

Siddhartha Gupta, said, “I am excited to have been offered the opportunity to lead Mercer | Mettl at such an important time in its development. Mercer | Mettl has a great culture, amazing market capability and a strategy that has seen us grow solidly in recent years.”

Siddhartha Gupta, added, “I am looking forward to building on this success whilst simultaneously ensuring we remain focused on delivering the very best quality products and service to our customers.”

Mercer | Mettl, provides an Online Assessment Platform that delivers efficient, cost effective and technology-driven skill assessments.

(Image – Mercer | Mettl)