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Meta no further requires Covid-19 booster shots for employees in US Offices
Among other top companies, Meta removes mandate for compulsory booster shots for staff.


Meta no longer requires booster shots for its employees in US offices.
Source: NDTV Gadgets 360

Reports from this week specify how Meta Platforms is planning to suspend the necessity for its staff to get Covid booster shots. Previously, these employees needed these booster shots to join the US offices of Meta. A spokesperson from the company confirmed the news on Friday, April 1.

Clearly, various tech companies have initiated the process of pulling its employees to their offices. With the ease of  Covid restrictions, along with the fortunate steady decline of cases, employers want their staff back on the corporate campuses. Many tech giants such as Microsoft and Meta saw large re-openings of their offices in the US on Monday, March 28

The spokesperson from Meta who notified authorities of the update stated how the company updated its requirements in the first few weeks of March. The update was in order to get it at par with CDC guidance, leading to the new rule of the boosters to not being mandatory any longer. However, it is still recommended, along with the requirement of primary inoculation still remaining. The spokesperson gave in the details about this new update in an official email.

“The primary vaccination requirement (one or two-shot series) remains in place.”

This sudden change arrives surprisingly less than three months post the company’s in-person work announcement. The social network operator specified significant rules for the employees for their return to the offices after the online mode. In fact, even the spokesperson did not disclose any such explanation for the change that Meta announced regarding booster shots.

The tech giant has its headquarters in the state of California. In the state, 71% of the whole population is entirely vaccinated, along with 35% having received a booster shot as well. Data from the New York Times specified the numbers of the people vaccinated. Moreover, cases have been visibly falling since the Omicron wave in January, according to data published.

Other technology companies based in California’s San Francisco Bay Area still require booster shots for employees. Apple Inc’s mandate is for employees to submit proof of them having received a Covid-19 booster shot. Reports from January specified this requirement from the tech giant.

On Tuesday, the US Food and Drug Administration authorised another Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna booster shot. This is mainly for citizens whose age is 50 or older. This booster is to be administered at least four months post receiving the first shot.




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