Meta working on 2.29 crore complaints register by users
The distribution of both Instagram and Facebook content was 33.9 lakh and 1.95 crores respectively.

Tech giant Meta has taken stiff action against 2.29 crore content pieces that were created by Indian users of different regions on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram in the month of November. The above was released by the company to India Monthly Report released.

The distribution of both Instagram and Facebook content was 33.9 lakh and 1.95 crores respectively. This was shared in a report.


The company took action on around 1.49 crore spam content, pursued by 18 lakh content related to “Adult Nudity and Sexual activity”, 12 lakh pertaining to “Violent and Graphic Content” etc on Facebook on its own.


About Instagram:


While on Instagram, the company took action against 10 lakh of content that was related to suicide and self-injury, 7.27 lakh of content about sexual activity and nudity, 4.84 lakh of content that were relayed to bullying and harassment and lastly 2.25 lakh of content that identified to promote “violence and incitement” and other contents that violated the company’s guidelines.

The step came after Meta received around 2,368 complaints from Instagram users under the IT Rules of 2021. The highest number of complaints were recorded for accounts being hacked, around 939 complaints. Followed by 891 on fake profiles, 136 on bullying and harassment, and 94 on nudity or any other sexual activity, etc.


“Of these incoming reports, we provided tools for users to resolve their issues in 1,124 cases,” Meta said.


The company has already acted on 555 complaints related to fake accounts, 253 on accounts that were hacked, 31 on bullying or harassment, and 30 complaints settled of contents of nudity or sexual acts.


Out of the total complaints that were received by the company, 889 were on Facebook under the IT Rules of 2021. In some cases, the company provided tools for its users to resolve their issues.


About Facebook:


The users of Facebook complained about their accounts getting hacked and of bullying, followed by people losing their access to pages created by them, and lastly on content displaying sexual and nudity or partial nudity on the platform.


Credit: The Economic times

Here, cases related to users losing access to their own pages were mostly resolved.


However, on the topic of fake profiles, it worked only on 73 complaints, 40 on hacked accounts, 29 on bullying or harassment, and only 17 complaints of content demonstrating the user in nudity or partial nudity or a sexual act.