Michael Jordan with Parents

Michael Jordan bought seven cars at age of 21, out of which six were for family

Did you know that Michael Jordan once bought seven luxury cars out of which only one was for himself? Yes, you heard it right! Don Godwin, son of Jordan’s well-wisher, Lewis Godwin,  shared this incident in a 2017 interview with D Magazine. This story is very close to his heart as it taught him one of the biggest lessons in life.

Michael Jordan, a name synonymous with basketball greatness, was not only known for his incredible skills on the court but also for his generosity and gratitude. In the summer of 1984, after being drafted by the Chicago Bulls as the third overall pick, the 21-year-old Jordan made a significant purchase that would not only surprise but also touch the hearts of many.

The tale starts in Wilmington, North Carolina. This is Jordan’s hometown, a place full of memories and people who supported his family in challenging times. One of these individuals was Lewis Godwin. He worked at a local car dealership and had always been there for the Jordan family. Little did he know that his kindness and support would come full circle.

One day, 21-year-old Jordan entered the dealership with a distinct purpose. He had his eyes on seven cars, not just one or two. Why? He wanted to take care of his family and show appreciation to Godwin. Among the cars, Jordan picked a striking black Mercedes for himself, a small Mercedes for his mother, another for his father, and a grand Pontiac Bonneville for his grandmother. But he didn’t stop there; he also bought  Firebird Trans Ams and other beautiful Pontiacs for his siblings.

Lewis Godwin, taken aback by the young athlete’s ambition and generosity, couldn’t help but express his concerns. He knew all too well how many athletes squandered their wealth, and he wanted Jordan to think carefully about such a significant purchase. Jordan, however, exuded confidence not only in his basketball skills but also in his financial prospects. He saw this as an opportunity to repay the kindness shown to his family.

Jordan’s response to Godwin’s concerns was both humble and heartfelt,”I understand, Mr. Lewis. But I want you to get a large sale. I’m going to pay the window-sticker price because you were a really good friend to my mother and daddy. When nobody would loan them money to buy a car, you always made it happen.” He assured Godwin that he understood the risks but was determined to stand by his decision. He also emphasized the importance of Godwin’s support during his family’s tough times and wanted to repay that kindness by paying the full window-sticker price, ensuring that Godwin received a substantial commission. 

This heartwarming story of Michael Jordan’s car purchase serves as a testament to his character. His legacy extends beyond the basketball court. It is a legacy of gratitude, generosity, and the belief that when you achieve success, you should never forget those who stood by you along the way.

His story reminds us all that success is sweeter when shared, and the impact of kindness can resonate for generations to come.