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Micromax is soon going to launch ‘IN’ branded smartphones in India

Micromax that was once the smartphone king in India is nowhere to be seen anymore. This sudden change in the market was due to the arrival of cheap and value for money Chinese smartphones in the country. Though the brand has tried to make some comebacks over the years but it couldn’t deliver even once. Now, Rahul Sharma, CEO of Micromax says they are going to come back with a new lineup of smartphones before Diwali branded as ‘IN’.

Information provided by Rahul Sharma, Micromax

Rahul Sharma | The frequency of success

As per the information shared by Rahul Sharma, the launch of the smartphones is going to happen before Diwali. He also said that they are willing to deliver value for money smartphones that will disrupt the price segments they are launched in.

The best details about the smartphones that Rahul shared was the presence of a stock UI and bloat-free experience. “For us, it will be a very-very clean experience — absolutely near-stock Android experience. No bloatware, no ads, nothing. We’re [also] not going to take your data, we’re not going to do it.” said Rahul.

He also said, “We might not be getting into the Rs. 5,000 segments right now because that segment is also shrinking in the country. People are looking for more performance-oriented products”. In an exclusive interview with Technical Guruji, he said that they are not going to exploit the India-china sentiment here.

Micromax In series' specs, price, launch date leaked: Know when the new devices are arriving | Technology News – India TV

In fact, they started the research and development of the ‘IN’ lineup much before the controversy started. And plans to manufacture the smartphones in India and source most components from within the country. He also said that Micromax just wants the support of the Indian audience and at least consider their devices when picking their new smartphones. The value that Micromax plans to deliver will surely be attractive to users.

Competition in the market

Image Source: Next Big brand

Navkendar Singh, Research Director for the Devices and Ecosystem in India and South Asia at market research firm IDC, said, “It is going to be challenging for Micromax to make a sustained comeback in marketing like India where top-five brands hold greater than 80 per cent of the share and have been getting stronger”.

He also added, “The Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 price segment has seen a lot of action lately because this segment is for tens of millions of consumers of China-based brands looking to upgrade now to higher price points, better devices, etc. This is not as competitive, but will be tough to compete in this with almost all players coming in this segment in the past one year or so”.

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