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Microsoft is designing it’s own ARM based chips for Surface PCs and servers

Microsoft, being one of the most reputed firms, is coming with yet another in-house innovation. The company is possibly working on ARM-based chips that will provide power to servers and Surface PCs. The move taken by Microsoft can be another challenge that comes in Intel’s way of competence.

What is ARM-based chip about?

Advances in ARM: What it could mean to the future of computing | by Sridhar  G Kumar | The Startup | Medium

ARM’s smaller-sized chip, less complexity, and even less power consumption make it suitable for using them in small devices. Microsoft currently uses Intel-based chips for their devices. However, they are leaping to create their ARM-based chip for the Azure cloud services.

Microsoft is exploring designing its own chips, as it turns to Arm Ltd designs to juice usage of its cloud-based services. The world-class software maker uses ARM’s designs for a processor to sell into data centers.

How does it affect Intel?

Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly expensive business to be in. Intel plays a unique role in enabling the world’s data centers, cloud services, and other connected devices.

After spinning wheels with 10nm, Intel did not need its new 7nm delay |  ZDNet

As the world’s largest software maker, Microsoft has long relied on Intel processors for its server computers. Now, the brains of its massive online networks and data centers. But it is designing its own chips to ensure that it remains in control of the technology that makes its products run.

For years, Intel has been the dominant tech player in the computer market, but that is about to change.

Future of Microsoft

Microsoft is now exploring the idea of producing ARM-powered PCs. The Windows maker has been in discussions with Qualcomm about licensing a next-generation. The Snapdragon Anaconda chip will be at the heart of next-generation handhelds and PCs running Windows 10. However, it’s not clear if Microsoft will design and manufacture its own devices.


Image Source: Cnet

When Apple updated its Mac notebook lineup, it touted the performance boost that the M1 chip would bring to laptops. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is 2x faster than an older MacBook Pro,” Apple said in a press release. And added that it’s “faster and more responsive.” It’s easy to see why Microsoft might be interested in competing with Intel.

Amazon started to use ARM-based servers, and Microsoft is following suit. Both companies will eventually convert their server businesses to ARM-based systems in a couple of years.

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