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Mobile and online casinos are the future of gambling

When people think of casinos they automatically think of “The Strip” in Las Vegas and the many casinos that surround the city. A lot of people may also think of the classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker where you can either win big or go home with a loss. These are the core values and principles that surround the casinos and it has always been that way. However, we might have to get used to a completely other way of gambling at the casino, according to Reza Shojaei, CEO at CasinoTop. According to Mr. Shojaei, we should start learning names like royalpanda and other online mobile casinos, as these will dominate the market in the future. The battle between physical and mobile casinos has already been covered by the american news media Forbes, so in this article we delve into why mobile casinos might have the upper edge when it comes to dictating the future of the gambling industry. Because there are certain advantages that give the online and mobile casinos the upper edge, and in this article we will give you three key reasons why mobile and online casinos are the future of the gambling industry.

Firstly, we will highlight the technological aspect and the progression of the past two decades when it comes to innovation in the casino industry. Secondly we will talk about the increasing market size of the gambling industry and how more people are attracted to the industry with the invention of online casinos. At last, we will talk about the accessibility of the online casinos in contrast to the physical ones and sum up why mobile and online casinos simply are the future of gambling and money betting. 

The smartphone and technology revolution

It is without a doubt the smartphone that is the most vital invention when it comes to the innovation of the gambling industry. Fast speed internet and broadband has for sure paved the way for the preliminary versions of the online casino. But before the invention of the smartphone, the online casino was only accessible through the desktop or laptop computers. However, with the invention of the smartphone, people are now able to access the online casino at every given time. This has led to a boom in new casinos that have shown multiple ways of developing a new online casino. Nowadays, most of the respectable online casinos are equipped with a full-scale platform for online gambling, with live dealers, tournaments, a universe of slot machines and of course the classic games such as roulette and blackjack. In addition to that it is possible to gamble from your laptop, tablet, smartphone or whatever you would like. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can gamble on these many online casinos and their games, whenever and wherever you would like to. 

More casinos become available to the consumers

Shortly mentioned before, the market of casinos has also seen an explosive rise in the number of new casinos popping up and wanting their fair share of the cake. It has become way easier to build a casino than it was decades back and with the increasing purchasing power of especially North American, Europe and Southeast-Asia populations, online casinos have become an attractive business. With the fierce competition on the market, this has led to the competing rivals constantly trying to come up with new ways of attracting the customers in the market. Thus, when consumers want to gamble some money, they can choose between an extraordinary amount of various casinos who offer anything between big bonuses to cashback programmes and user-friendly mobile applications. As a consumer choosing a new online casino you therefore have good cards on your hand to earn an extra bonus when going for online casinos rather than physical casinos. This is the reason why the fierce competition in the market for online casinos actually created the foundation for more innovation in the field of casino businesses.

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Everyone can acces anywhere and anytime

Lastly, the accessibility of the casino has also been better in the last two decades. Before there was something called an online casino, a trip to a casino was very rare among consumers. It was only the hardcore gambling enthusiasts who bothered to go to the physical casinos when they wanted to gamble. These days everyone with a smartphone and access to the internet can acces an online casino. It has become one of the easiest sources of entertainment for people around the globe who play on slot machines and other casino games for only a couple of dollars every time. With the invention of the online casino, the gambling industry have been able to turn themselves into an entertainment industry rather than a hardcore gambling business. Consumers can now play anywhere and everywhere – whenever they want to. 



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