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MS Dhoni Invests In Drone Start-up Garuda Aerospace
“To have him as a part of the Garuda Aerospace family is honestly a dream come true,” CEO Agnishwar Jayaprakash said.

One of Cricket’s finest talents, Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has become a shareholder in up and coming drone producing start-up company, Garuda Aerospace, the company’s spokes people came out to say on the 6th of June. He has also put pen to paper to sign a deal that will make him the start-up company’s brand ambassador.

The company was founded 7 years ago back in 2015 and its head office is situated in Chennai meaning that Mr. Dhoni will be strengthening his deep ties with the southern city and state as a whole.

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The company as also gone out to say that they plan to assist the important agricultural industry. They have also said, 2 months ago that they plan to make their products and services affordable and durable so that farmers and agricultural workers and even pesticide and fertilizer sellers can buy them. These drones can be used to spray and spread fertilizers and pesticides all over farm lands much faster than doing them manually.

MS Dhoni has also publicly stated of his love and the importance of farming and agriculture and even owns acres of farmland in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand where he and his people grow and sell organic fruits and vegetables so this deal between MS Dhoni and the start-up company is a match made in heaven.

When asked about his new venture, MS Dhoni said that he is very excited to be forging this deal and starting a new partnership and he can’t wait to see how the company grows in such an industry that is constantly expanding and gaining popularity.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash who is the chief executive officer of the start-up company who is from Chennai was also over the moon with the new deal as he is a massive fan of the legendary cricket player. He said it was “dream, come true” to have him onboard as investor and as a brand ambassador and having the chance to work with someone like him is an opportunity that does not come one’s way very often. Someone like MS Dhoni joining the company will also the boost the company’s value and improve their credibility almost instantly which also a great plus.

The drone industry in the country has been expanding a lot recently with many companies popping up all over the nation. With the government also providing incentives to the industry’s player, it is bound to grow exponentially soon.