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Multiversus Smashes 10 Million Player Milestone In Just 3 Weeks

Just weeks after the open beta was released, MultiVersus has passed the 10-million-player mark, though the early seasons have been delayed. Just weeks after the release of its Open Beta, MultiVersus has now passed 10 million active players. MultiVersus has just passed the 10 million-player milestone in the first couple of weeks of a wider release.


Credit @ Warner Bros.

While their new title, Multiverses, is being developed by an industry newcomer, Player First Games has a major publisher behind them in Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. With already 10 million players trying out their new title, Multiverses, who knows how big this game is going to become once Season 1 drops soon? The fighting title MultiVersus is also going to get a Season 1 Battle Pass and content, although it is being delayed until later this year. Ten million players is an enormous amount of players, as The Fighting Title MultiVersus went into closed beta on July 19; it is been less than a month to hit the giant milestone.

Ten million active players is an impressive figure for a fighting game, or really for a sport. With 10 million active players, Multiverses players are already bigger than a lot of the biggest fighting games. With MultiVersus player numbers growing so fast, it is not surprising that Warner Bros. could afford to have this impressive MultiVersus pool.

A large rise in the MultiVersus player numbers is expected during initial launches. Warner Bros, Multiverses, is free-to-play, which helps with player counting somewhat, but it is still a heavy load for players one way or another.


Credit @ Warner Bros.

WB Games and Player First Games are planning big things for MultiVersus. multiverse has been only a couple of weeks old since it went into multiplayer beta, but WB Games’ attempts to create their Smash Bros.-style fighter have already garnered plenty of attention from millions of players. Warner Bros. Smashlike launched into closed beta on July 19, then opened up to the general public one week later, meaning that week to week, the game has been getting about millions of players every week.

Along with hitting its 10-million-player mark, MultiVersus became the most played game on Steam when it was still in its open beta, marking 37,509 players on average at any given time. According to tracker.gg, MultiVersus has reached an enormous milestone, and all in just three weeks. This incredible figure comes just three weeks into the MultiVersus Open Beta and it is sure to skyrocket after the final version is released.



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