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Mumbai decides to become the first city to get fire-fighting robot

Fire brigade is ready to acquire

19th September, 2018

Mumbai Fire Brigade is prepared to procure it’s first putting out fires robot at the expense of Rs 92 lakh. The robot will permit fire warriors to remotely manage it to the wellspring of flame and drench it. BMC organization has present the proposition to the standing council.

Back in December 2015, the putting out fires robot displayed in Mumbai Fire Brigade’s yearly penetrate had turned into all the rage. In the 2018-19 Budget, the BMC made arrangements for this costly robot to update the fire unit.

The metro body in April issued tenders for the obtainment, appointing, and testing of the robot and its transporter vehicle. In the wake of finishing the delicate procedure, BMC organization currently plans to present the proposition to the standing council on Wednesday. Once the proposition gets cleared by the board of trustees, the BMC will get it from Ms Shri Lalita for Rs 91,72,800 inside a half year. Mumbai will be the main city in the nation to have a robot for putting out fires.

The body of the robo is comprised of aluminum sheets which can withstand the temperature of up to 700 centigrade. It is fitted with a warm camera equipped for identifying fires amid day and night. The robot will help in high temperature regions like ground floor, storm cellar or spots with a tight section, stated, Prabhat Rahangdale, Chief Fire Officer, Mumbai Fire Brigade.

BMC is likewise obtaining a Tata S Supermint vehicle to convey this robot. There will be a water powered lift joined to it.




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