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Mutant Soldiers NFT: Everything You Need to Know

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become quite popular in the recent past. From crypto punks to Bored Ape Yacht Club, NFTs have amassed a cult-like following and are owned by both the rich and the poor. On Twitter, NFTs have become the reigning profile pictures of many high-profile figures such as Jimmy Fallon, and even Eminem. 

Now, there is a new kid on the block providing NFT enthusiasts a gateway to financial freedom with a 10,000 NFT collection. This new NFT project is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is called Mutant Soldiers

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything involving the Mutant Soldiers, how they were formed, how much you can buy them for, and how they are offering you financial freedom.

What Are Mutant Soldiers NFT?

The Mutant Soldiers NFT project is a collection of 10,000 NFT items, each going for 0.08 ETH. The soldiers are mutated super soldiers who were born in a time known as the ‘Endless Expanse’ as a result of biological and technological experiments that resulted in their evolution to meet and keep up with the rapidly evolving world. The Mutant Soldiers NFT project will release a second entity collection that they have yet to release details on.

The Story Behind the Mutant Soldiers

The world was nearing the brink of war, and every government was seeking ways through which their military would rise above rest. Those who joined would have the ability to rise to the top by forging alliances with the ultimate soldiers. After years of horrifying exterior experiments, the mutant soldiers finally came into being. They are fitted with biological, robotic, nanotech, and radioactive enhancements that make them formidable enemies. Additionally, they are hideous and mysterious. They are also very powerful, and apart from being weapons of mass destruction, they are also the next stage in the evolution of humanity.

Your Gateway to Financial Freedom

The first NFT collection in the Endless Expanse is the Mutant Soldiers. By being part of this NFT project, holders can get access to TradersSynergy, which is an elite trading group that focuses on cryptocurrencies and can take your investments to a whole new level. The level of benefits you get within the Mutant Soldiers investment structure is dependent on the ownership of your NFTs.

If you manage to buy in on this first connection, then you will be able to get in on the first round of fundraising, and 80% of the raised funds will be put into a hedge fund system. Following this, the holders will earn a percentage of benefits from this hedge fund which will be airdropped directly into the wallets. Holders who have between 1 and 10 NFTs will receive between 0.005 and 0.065% of benefits.

To break this down, if the Mutant Soldiers project makes $50,000 total in two weeks from the hedge fund, then holders who own 1 NFT will get $2.5, holders who own 5 NFTs will get $15, and holders who own 10 NFTs will earn $32.5. Collectively, the project will be giving more than 50% of the hedge fund income back to the holders.

How it Works

Collection One

The mutant soldiers NFT project has a personalized dashboard for holders to demonstrate all information on the investment. Every week and every month, profit will be viewable on their dashboards. Both NFT holders and non-holders will be able to view the project’s data which will be completely transparent. 

Tokens will be airdropped on Sundays every two weeks, and if an owner sells the tokens between these two weeks, the new owner will not be able to receive funds until they wait for the following two weeks cycle.

Collection Two

The second NFT collection of the Endless Expanse universe will also come as a form of another fundraising round that will have the same benefits as the first collection. More details will be revealed in due time. Currently, the project website is already up and running even though the launch and release dates have not yet been announced.

Everything is ready for the first and second stages of the roadmap which include dropping the NFT and giving access to the TradersSynergy financial trading group to holders of the NFTs. The development team aims to build a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the future around the project. It will have 20% of initial sales and royalties added to its treasury. 

Holders will vote for the development of the DAO, including algorithms and financial updates on the Endless Expanse ecosystem. The profits of this DAO will be directly dropped into the holders’ wallets. Ultimately, the project aims to build an internal economy for the endless expanse where traders and holders can benefit and become financially free.

The TradersSynergy Platform

This is one of the main beneficial platforms that the Mutant Soldiers NFT project offers investors. This platform will allow traders to work together and face the fierce competition that is present in the world of cryptocurrency investing and trading. The Endless Expanse has a team of traders who will be sending signals each day to investors for both futures and spot trading.

The TradersSynergy platform has a tool that auto-follows trades from expert traders and allows investors to automatically connect to the broker’s accounts allowing auto-trading.

The team of traders from the Endless Expanse will do market research on behalf of the investors, breaking down the technical jargon of the crypto-trading landscape to offer positive results and smart investment decisions to holders of the Mutant Soldiers NFT. 

The TradersSynergy platform will offer signals to traders for spot, futures, and scalping trading. Multiple professional traders will also be available, sending their trades every day. However, with time more will be added. Also, the platform will offer tools for technical analysis using TradingView API. 

Also, the platform will have shadow trading capabilities that will allow investors to automatically follow trade signals from the team of expert traders from Endless Expanse. The platform also has an auto-trading algorithm (bot) that can be used to trade on its own using programming that has been coded into the bot. 

Expert traders will also be able to hold live streams that will give holders access to them and follow trades in real-time. The platform also offers 24/7 support from the Endless Expanse team that will help investors with anything they need related to trading.


The Mutant Solders NFT project is doing something many NFT projects have not thought of, and that is merging finance with NFTs. So far, NFTs are just used for fun. However, if a financial and stable income stream can be attached to these ridiculously priced JPEGs, then the general NFT onboarding of the traditional world would be smooth and easy. Access the power and all the benefits of this platform by holding the Mutant Soldiers NFTs.



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