ISO Compliance Software MyEasyISO – Functionally Comprehensive, Technically Robust And Financially Flexible !


In today’s world of fierce competition, compliance to quality standards so as to assure consumers of quality and reliability of your product or service is an imperative. Globally more than 2 million companies, a majority of which are SMEs, are certified to various ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000. However, a lot of companies look at implementing ISO standards as a contractual obligation without realizing the value and the competitive advantage that they can derive from such compliance.

Compliance process requires a lot of commitment in terms of time and money and can be stressful especially for SMEs due to limited availability of resources. The document intensive process if not implemented correctly can make the system extremely complex and lead to a dip in employee motivation, a key ingredients in success of any ISO 9001:2015 implementation. It might be appropriate to say that improper implementation of process might be worse than not implementing ISO standards all together.

After working for 12 years as an ISO consultant and looking at the problems companies were facing when it came to implementing ISO standards, Kaushal Sutaria could clearly see a white space and an opportunity for creating a compliance software. It was Kaushal’s vision to create a cloud based, SAAS product that would guarantee effective implementation of standards. And thus was born MyEasyISO, a product that Kaushal developed along with his college friend Shanker.

At the heart of MyEasyISO, an Effivity Technologies product, is the QMS module which ensures complete and comprehensive implementation of the process in a way that ensures efficiency, productivity, performance and profitability. QMS module is divided into 12 main sub modules. Context of an organization, risk & opportunity, human resource, purchase, operations, sales, quality, design & development, non-conformity, documented information, management review and internal audit module are the core modules of this QMS software. The different modules of MyEasyISO are designed in a way that ensures that you take a holistic approach to your business in accordance with your industry environment and at the same time implement minutest details in a way that suits your requirements best. Notifications, alerts, reminder, follow up features incorporated in software ensure that software maximizes employee efficiency and productivity.

A Cloud based software deployed on geographically distributed serves ensures low network latency, high performance and stability. Saas enablement makes sure that companies do not need to purchase a license and are not required to go through the installation procedure. The application is built on top of RESTful services which enables easy integration with third party tools and solutions. The software is easily scalable and highly secure and ensures a quick and easy implementation of standards.

MyEasyISO has been built in a way that allows easy configuration and therefore is industry agnostic. The company is currently working with organizations in the government sector, energy and electrical supplies, service industry, chemical industry, food processing units, automotive sector, IT Industry, contracting / construction industry, manufacturing, healthcare and many more. Geographically distributed serves allows the company to work easily with organizations across the world.


Flexible pricing options offered by the product ensure that different organizations can use the product in a way that best suits their needs. Depending on the number of users, storage requirements, customizations and support requirements, customers can choose between MyEasyISO packages that are available in 6 options from 19$ to 299$. The company also offers online/ onsite ISO consulting and certificate services depending on the kind of package chosen.

The functional and technical capabilities built into MyEasyISO come from deep experience in the two functions. Kaushal, the mind behind the product, has 12 years of experience in ISO implementation, training, consulting and certification and has been associated with more than 800 companies so far globally for their ISO certification projects in various capacities as project manager, consultant, trainer, auditor etc. The technology that has made the product what it is has been take care of by Shanker. Shanker is Bachelors in Electronics and M.S in Software Engineering from BITS and has 15 years of industry experience including 11 years in Intel Technologies.

Clients who have been using MyEasyISO have been complimenting the system for the amount of complexity it takes care of and for the amount of time, money and effort reduction the system is driving for them. The various client testimonials vouch for the fact the MyEasyISO is one of the best options available in the industry today that creates maximum value for clients and is available at such attractive price points.