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NCPCR questions MeitY over availability of banned apps after boy kills mother over PUBG
NCPCR Chief urged MeitY to provide reasons for the availability of banned apps in the public domain

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After boy kills mother over PUBG, NCPCR questions MeitY over availability of banned apps.
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On Tuesday, June 14, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights – NCPCR wrote to MeitY- Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology over recent media reports. Particularly, these reports were claiming that a teenager in UP, India shot his mother dead who reportedly stopped him from playing the game PUBG.

Priyank Kangoogo, NCPCR chief asked enquired of MeitY Secretary about how a game banned by the Indian Government still be availably accessible to minors, taking the incident into account. Further on, he urged the ministry to provide the reasons for the easy accessibility of these blocked apps in the the public domain, seeking a report of action by the next 10 days.

In light of the incident, the NCPCR chief noted that the commission would take a Suo Moto cognisance of the issue dated June 8, 2022. This would be under section 13 (1) (J) of Commissions for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005, that states deprivation and violations of child rights.

Moreover, Kangoogo said that it is beyond the understanding of the Commission as to how such a banned game is available for use by minors in the country. Hence, it has pushed on MeitY for reasons of such an occurrence, along with informing about actions taken in these cases. Additionally, he sought a list of similar games from the commission which minors are using. Essentially, this information should include data about their regulating bodies and regulating mechanism within the specified time period.

The incident: UP teen kills mother who stopped him from playing PUBG.

On Wednesday, June 8, a 16-year-old boy allegedly shot his mother when she stopped him from playing PUBG, said Qasim Abidi, additional Deputy Commissioner of Police. Reportedly, the teenager was addicting to the online game, and lashed out when his mother attempted to stop him from playing it, ultimately shooting her dead. Further, Abidi noted that the partially decomposed body was finally recovered and sent for autopsy, with the boy apprehended.

The UP minor shot his mother, and reportedly kept her remains locked inside a room in their Lucknow residence. According to an Army personnel posted in West Bengal, the teen locked the remains for two days prior to informing his father about. Reports suggest that his sister, aged nine, was also at home at the time of the incident. Allegedly, he threatened the sister not to disclose anything about the incident to anyone.

Though the teen attempted to cover the stench with a room freshener, it grew severe and he was compelled to inform his father about the scene. As the father informed authorities, the boy finally confessed to his actions, despite repeated attempts of covering it.