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Netflix announced another season of “Squid Game”

Second season of Squid Game announced.

Source: Hindustan Times

Netflix is coming up with a new season of its superhit Korean series ” Squid Game”. The subscription streaming service and production company declared this in public on June 12. Netflix also gave some brief information related to the new season of its most-watched series.

The platform came up with the first season of the Korean series in September last year. In just a month after its release, “Squid Game” became the most popular Netflix series with a startling 2 billion (approximately) viewing hours.

The series depicts the story of some bankrupted people who are invited to a contest where they have to play some childhood games. The winner of the contest was to be awarded a great sum of money which could change his life while the contestants who couldn’t manage to finish the particular game were killed at the end of every game.

The series became so popular that people used its reference in memes. Some even used it as a Halloween costume.

Netflix made this news public by sharing a note written by Hwang Dong-hyuk who is the writer, director, and executive producer of the series.http://

Dong-hyuk wrote in the note that it took him 12 years to complete the story but the audience was so pleased by the performance and the storyline that it got popular only within 12 days. He expressed his gratefulness to the audience for all the love they have given to “Squid Game”.

Writing further in his note he gave small pointers about what the upcoming season holds for its audience. He said that the series will continue the story of its main character Seong Gi-hun and the man in the suit and ddakji may also be seen in the upcoming season. Furthermore, the audience will get to see Young-hee’s love interest, Cheol-su in the upcoming season.

Lastly, Dong-hyuk requested the audience to shower the same amount of love on this upcoming season of “Squid Game”.

Apart from this note it also tweeted a short clip featuring its animated doll Young-hee which was also seen in the first season and gained a lot of popularity. In the clip, one eye of the doll was shown with a glazing  2 on her eyeball. The 2 on her eyeball emphasized the announcement made by Netflix. Though Netflix hasn’t mentioned the release date for this new season. It is assumed that the viewers have to hold back for quite a time.



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