Netflix's Ad-Supported Plan Launch Set for November 1

Netflix Introduces its New Membership Option With Ads in Canada

According to recent reports, Netflix has introduced its new membership option with ads in Canada. This new membership option might prove to be just what people need amid rising inflation. Read the entire article to find out more about the new subscription plan.

About the subscription plan

“Consumers are faced with more choice, more platforms and are making more deliberate decisions as to which streaming services they keep and which ones to cancel,” said Justin Krieger, senior technology and media analyst at consultancy firm RSM Canada.

“Canadians don’t have that legacy of experience and as a result may be more resistant to the way Netflix is introducing that service,” said Carmi Levy.“It’ll take time for Netflix and others to educate Canadians on the advantages of paying less for a streaming service and getting ads served up in return.”  “The devil is always in the details whenever a streaming provider introduces an ad-based tier,” Levy said.

“What matters most is how intrusive that presentation of ads is to the overall viewing experience. And if it is intrusive in the way that consumers have long complained about traditional broadcast television ads, then this could very well be a non-starter for Netflix.”

“What we’re seeing is a lot of initial excitement and questions around Netflix, in particular,” said Marissa Cristiano, an account director at Cossette who says she’s “exploring” ad buys on the service with some clients.

About Netflix

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For people who want to know about Netflix, this article will give you all the necessary information. Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms all around the world. As an OTT platform, the aim is to entertain its audience and give them what they want. In today’s age, content drives the world. There is nothing better than good content to help inspire people, entertain them and convey a message. This platform does just that by providing its audience with amazing content that they can binge-watch. Netflix is introducing its membership plan which is cheaper because it has advertisements. It will prove to be a blessing for those who do not have a Netflix subscription and with this plan, they might be finally able to afford it.  But this section of the audience will have to say goodbye to binge-watching because that won’t be possible with this subscription plan. There will be ads before the program, in between the program, and after the program.