Twitter basks in the deluge of memes as a glitch leads to Instagram arbitrarily suspending accounts

Another day, another glitch, and this time, Instagram is commanding the spotlight. If your Instagram account got suspended for no particular reason, or if you have trouble logging in, worry not. Turns out, a good number of Instagram users are going through the same. The reason behind this unusual glitch is being evaluated, and let’s hope that they figure it out. For the time being, we have a cauldron of memes that began their parade on Twitter, thanks to the witty nerve of Twitter town that gets instantly activated every time an app acts out. This random suspension of accounts is becoming a headache for several users who are losing their hard-earned followers. It is indeed a catastrophe and the memes seem to agree. Read along to know more.


Memes All The Way

Ever since Instagram began acting out due to the glitch, memes have been going in full swing on Twitter. If you are someone whose account got suspended out of the blue, then perhaps memes are the best way to deal with the loss. Let us flip through a couple of hilarious memes on Twitter.

Talk about certain memes being constants. You see it, and you know some app is down.

Looks like Instagram is tired of people wasting their time doom scrolling.

What sort of despicable behavior is this, Instagram?

Instagram is kicking everyone out for no apparent reason.

Always the scapegoat

Well, the app needs a day off too.

We are all on the same boat