Nigeria offering crypto and Blockchain learning scholarship program 
Nigeria offering crypto and Blockchain learning scholarship program 

Nigeria offering crypto and Blockchain learning scholarship program 

Nigeria, The cryptocurrency enthusiast country in Africa, has announced to start of a program in which 30,000 natives of Nigeria will be chosen and will be given free training on new and future blockchain technologies.

The program was announced by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in the country. The body is responsible for incorporating all the technological developments in the country. The project will be monitored by the national Digital Economy Policy and Strategy (NDEPS).

Nigeria offering crypto and Blockchain learning scholarship program 
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This body works in the development of all the required skill sets for future technologies for all aspiring candidates in the country. The scholarship and training will help in the creation of emerging Technologies jobs such as blockchain technology jobs in the country.NITDA body has been launching some other projects too, in recent years in Nigeria, which are used for upskilling his colleagues and the citizens of Nigeria for all the social and economic growth of the country.

What is NITDA Blockchain Scholarship 2022 Scheme?

This recent program by the NITDA is called the Blockchain Scholarship 2022 Scheme, the program is launched in association with a private company with Domineum Blockchain Solutions. This program will train around 30,000 Nigerians for all the required skills in blockchain technology.

The program will be executed in a hybrid manner in which the virtual and in-person association of the candidates and the authorities involved in the program execution. This program will be executed in the form of a team-building effort And a team-learning process in which all the teams will be required to work on the BSV ecosystem, which is involved in the project part of the program.

The candidates who will be delivering an outstanding performance in this program will be given the opportunity to join the incubation program in London.

Eligibility for NITDA Blockchain Scholarship 2022 :

The body NITDA has not announced that any no any prior programming experience is required to join this scholarship program and any Nigerian citizen, who can devote around 20 hours per week and has the access to a laptop or desktop along with a passion for learning can join this program.

Important dates for NITDA Blockchain Scholarship 2022 :

The application for this program will start on the 31st of October this year and will end on the 28 of November this year. The course will start on the first of December of this year. The people who are aspiring for this program can fill in the important details through this application form, click here.

The second country Nigeria has been already enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and digital Technologies. The country has already issued its own cryptocurrency called eNaira, which is used as a central bank digital currency of the country in Nigeria.