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Nithin Kamath Explains Why Trading is One of The Toughest Ways to Earn
"Trading is one of the toughest ways to make money & the kind of volatility of the last few months makes it even tougher"

One of the founders and the chief executive officer of start-up company, Zerodha, Mr. Nithin Kamat took to his Twitter account to explain to people why trading is one of the hardest ways in which a person can make a living.

He said that the volatile nature of the market over the past few months has made it even more harder for a person to guarantee regular earnings and that it is not as easy as one might think.

nithin kamath by StartupTalky

He started his tweet out by saying that many traders and people looking to get into the field are people who are mostly clouded by what they see on social media platforms. They think that everyone in the game is doing very well, raking in all the money when you barely have anything to show for yourself.  However, for the most past, it really is not true and its not even possible to be true. He went on to say the job of trading is one of the most difficult ways for someone to earn money and the past few months have exacerbated these sentiments due to how volatile and unpredictable the market has been.

He started a thread on his page adding that whenever the market is acting very bearish, it can get quite ruthless and ferocious. He also said that people who short stocks tend to make their money quite faster than people who invest and hold on to shares because slumps happen much quicker and much more often than growths and bullish type of environments. However, when the market keeps falling like how it has been over the past few months, even shorting stocks is not a very safe way to make money through the market and even posted a graphic showcasing the stock market’s growths and slumps since the month of February which is also around the time Russia invaded Ukraine which boosted the slump in the market and even causing stock markets around the world to be unpredictable and volatile.

His tweets have been up for just over day and they have collectively garnered well over 4200 likes and even well over 30 re-tweets.

A follower asked about his trading and he replied by saying that he has not traded for almost 12 years and only does so to test out the market, but he still feels that he is a capable trader. The Nifty Metal index, has grown by just 1.5% after a massive fall this month.



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