No More Free Food? Google Slashes Employee Perks in Effort to Cut Costs

As per media reports, Google has announced cost-cutting measures and has opted to concentrate on essential areas, including giving priority to its work in AI. Business Insider reportedly got access to a memo released by Google Inc this regard.

The memo from Google’s CFO, Ruth Porat, and the company’s search lead, Prabhakar Raghavan, stated that prioritizing work in AI is critical due to the challenging economic conditions and investment opportunities available to drive technology forward. The memo further emphasized the importance of this focus given Google’s recent growth. All PA and Functional leads signed the memo.

Google is also making changes to its office services to increase working efficiency and reduce costs in response to the new hybrid workweek. According to the memo, the company plans to tailor its cafes, micro kitchens, and other facilities based on usage data.

For instance, if a cafe experiences significantly lower usage on certain days, it will be closed on those days, and more focus will be given to popular options in the vicinity. The memo quotes Google as saying, “Decisions will be based on data.”


Google’s recent cost-cutting measures come just a few months after the company announced the layoff of around 12,000 employees. This move was a response to the global macroeconomic conditions that affected the financials of several tech giants due to decreasing revenue and increasing operational costs.

Unfortunately, the trend of laying off thousands of employees around the world has only worsened since the end of 2022, as tech giants struggle to balance their finances.

Google has already started to implement significant changes in its products, people, and priorities, which will result in job cuts across various tech and geographic areas. Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged in a memo that the current economic reality is different, and as a consequence, difficult decisions had to be made. He also expressed his regret that these changes would affect the lives of Googlers and took full responsibility for the decisions that led to this point