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Non-Tesla EV owners testing Superchargers in Netherlands

Recently Tesla opened its EV charging network to non-Tesla vehicles, Supercharging network in Netherlands. There are some reviews from owners who tried it out and shared their experiences online. These are Honda Ioniq owner, Polestar cars, and many other EVs.

Can non-Tesla Electric Vehicles Charge at Tesla Charging Stations?

Image credits- Motor Biscuit

The non-Tesla vehicles are also being charged at the same rate as Tesla vehicles. Users are downloading the mobile app and using the charging facility. Hyundai Ioniq owner Inse Van Houts shared his experience on Twitter. It was at the Tesla Supercharger station at Tilburg, the wool capital of the Netherlands. He shared the footage of a Porsche Tycan charging at the station.

Later the owner shares his own experience with his vehicle, 2017 Hyundai Ioniq. After the registration in-app and discussing the rates, along with the membership program. Everything is similar to how Tesla owners use the Superchargers. The membership program costs  €13 ($15) a month. The non-Tesla EV owner stated, “The good thing about the membership is you can cancel it monthly like basically, you can get a membership just to go on holiday and then afterward you can cancel it. It’sIt’s crazy good,”

The issues

According to the above user experience, the only issue is with the adaptor. Only EV owners with CCS plug-ins can make use of charging points. The Hyundai Ioniq isn’t perfectly fit for the CCS charging point. However, the vehicle was charged fully without any issues. Just before plugging in the point the EV owner receives a time of 2 minutes to plugin and charge their vehicle. Which could be less time for those who couldn’t plugin properly.





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