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Microsoft is one of the pioneers of computing software and the Windows Operating System. That one company, everyone can put their faith in and enjoy the quality of its great products.


As many of you know, Microsoft has Google rival when it comes to search engines, it is called Bing. Well, this in-house search engine is surely getting an upgrade to match the latest Microsoft family of products and is now rebranded as ‘Microsoft Bing’- Smooth.


Credits: https://rb.gy/sxomk7

The company says in a statement that Bing will surely bring its integrated search engine experience to the users, this is not a big change but it certainly brings it close to the rest of the Microsoft family. The tech giant has revealed this news in a blog post and now, Bing is no longer just Bing, it has been rebranded to Microsoft Bing.


Microsoft is using this opportunity to introduce the ‘Give with Bing’ program. The company encourages users to play on the Xbox, search with MS Bing and other Microsoft related things to earn reward points which can later be redeemed, one redeeming option being donations to non-profit organizations. As Microsoft has partnered with over 1.5 million organizations, the Give with Bing will match points at the end of the year to donate to these organizations. Microsoft is allegedly in talks to expand the Give with Bing to more countries.


Microsoft has provided its users with a Bing Dashboard where you can check your availed points, ideas on how to earn more coins. The user can select an origination, then toggle on – Give Mode, which will automatically transfer points to these organizations. In case, you wish to use those coins to get an Xbox membership pass, you can most certainly do that. There are many different ways mentioned in the Bing Dashboard to earn more points.

credits: credits: https://rb.gy/gxarw7

However, the latest Microsoft Windows update lets the users disable Bing permanently which means when the user uses the search option, he shall only see local searches and not Bing internet searches.




It is still at the user’s discretion to enable or disable this feature. But, for those who use Bing searches, the upgrade is an incentive for you. Certainly, the Give with Bing- non-profit donations is a good movement started by Microsoft.


If anyone did not notice, the rebranded new name comes with a new logo as well. The new Bing logo is somehow similar to the original with softer edges and a blue softened colour, it adds to be visually pleasing and also matches with the rest of the Microsoft icons.



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