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Now Say Bye-Bye to the Stinky Shoes with This Tech Solution

For all those people who have smelly feet or who don’t wear socks, Panasonic has now announced that is going to launch a “shoe deodorizer” which is going to be known as MS-DS100. It uses some zany “nanoe” technology to suck up the stink right out of your shoes.

To use the product, you just need to plug it in and place the bottom nodes into your shoes; kind of putting a little party hat on the top of your sneakers. The MS-D100, the Panasonic’s new product then blasts highly charged ions into the shoes which penetrate through the material dissolving particles to eliminate any type of odors.

The product also has two different modes: long and normal, which runs for a time period of 5-7 hours. According to the company, the long model is for use “when you are especially concerned about smell or pollen.”

This product is not Panasonic’s first venture into the odor removal segment. Last year, Panasonic launched a deodorizing hanger which works just pretty well the same way for clothes as this new product is working for shoes.

This product will be available in Japan from the 20th of September. The company has not revealed the price for the same, but it is going to be a little pricey, as the hanger runs for about $180 on Amazon.

Picture Credits: Panasonic



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