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Nutrition tech startup Habbit Health raises pre-seed round from 3one4 Capital, AngelList India, others.

Habbit Health and Nutrition have reported that it has raised pre-seed funding from top global firms 3one4 Capital, AngelList India. This investment is going to enable them to start-up their business. RB investments from Singapore, early-stage investors Better Capital, First Cheque and many other investors also participated in the funding through AngelList.

The founder of the company Dhruv Bhushan aims to create prototypes, build a core team, get the brand ready and an IT using the funding that they have received. The company has the vision to provide innovative Fast-moving Consumer goods(FMCG) using technology to provide the best customer experience.

The CEO of the company Dhruv Bhushan said:

“Lifestyle diseases with their origin in poor nutrition are today’s biggest health concern. Habbit uses modern science and technologies to disrupt these with healthier alternatives, without needing to change user behaviour and still maintaining the same taste. We are proud to have forward-thinking investors around the world supporting our long-term vision and ambitions, even before our launch.”

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, and the company aims to explore a part of the fitness industry that is not given much focus. Most proper fitness experts say that fitness goals can be achieved by 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Habbit Health and Nutrition aim to bring products that will help individuals to pursue fitness as a lifestyle and not just a temporary thing.

From proteins to snacks, beverages, ice-creams they will bring personalized products for the health industry. More often than not, fitness freaks have to compromise on taste for nutrition. They wish to change that in the future and make their products as healthy as possible using natural sources for protein, fats, carbs without affecting the products taste.

With the increase in the income of an average individual, the preventive healthcare market in India is expected to be over US$100 billion in 2022. Thus spending on nutrition, healthy foods, functional foods and supplements is expected to cross US$ 50 billion in the coming decade, growing at 17% CAGR. Increasing awareness about the importance of proper nutrition for a healthy life is accelerating this trend in the top 10% of the population, which accounts for over 40% of Indian consumption.



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