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NVIDIA GT 1010 GPU Benchmark spotted online showing underwhelming Results
A GPU Benchmark for the NVIDIA GT 1010 has been discovered online, with disappointing results, here is what we know:

NVIDIA GT 1010 GPU Benchmark spotted online

NVIDIA GT 1010 GPU Benchmark spotted online
Image Credits: Wccftech

Even before its official release, the NVIDIA GT 1010 is arguably the only future GPU that we don’t recommend to most consumers. The NVIDIA GT 1010 has been discovered on Geekbench, and the GPUs’ results are disappointing. The integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics card, in fact, can easily surpass the future dedicated NVIDIA graphics card.

The NVIDIA GT 1010 was initially announced in early 2021, and it has now appeared for the first time on the Geekbench 5 benchmark platform. This provides us an indication of NVIDIA’s entry-level GPU performance and shows that the GT 1010 isn’t even as powerful as the integrated Iris Xe graphics.

According to the Geebench 5 listing, the NVIDIA GT 1010 achieved 7730 points on the CUDA test, which is 95% lower than the RTX 3070’s result. Furthermore, the GT 1010’s performance is comparable to the GTX 650 Ti, a nearly 10-year-old graphics card.

When it comes to OpenCL performance, the NVIDIA GT 1010 earned 7983 points, which is lower than the OpenCL performance of the Intel Iris Xe found on CPUs such the Intel Core i5-11300H, which scored 15411 points, almost double the NVIDIA GT 1010.

Given the performance, it’s evident that NVIDIA did not create this GPU with gaming in mind. However, based on the nomenclature, it appears to be a consumer-grade GPU rather than a workstation-grade graphics processor, comparable to AMD’s Radeon Pro W6400, which is also a workstation-grade GPU.

Specification details for NVIDIA GT 1010

The GP108 GPU of the NVIDIA GT 1010 is manufactured using a 16nm technology. It features a TDP of 30W and 2GB GDDR5 video memory with 256 CUDA cores, making it a good entry-level graphics card. A base clock speed of 1,228 MHz and a boost clock speed of 1,468 MHz are used by the GPU.

Given that the NVIDIA GT 1010’s performance is comparable to the Intel Iris Xe, you should be able to play games at 720p resolution and modest graphics settings on this GPU. Even if you are interested in purchasing one, there is no official word on when the NVIDIA GT 1010 will be available.


As of now, only the benchmark stuffs for NVIDIA GT 1010 graphic card has been revealed for now. But, by looking at the leaked specification it feels the upcoming new graphic card will feature some good specs onboard.

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