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Okinawa scooter involved in another fire incident in Tamil Nadu
This is the fourth incident for Okinawa e-scooter

On Saturday another Okinawa electric scooter has a fire incident in Tamil Nadu. This is the fourth time their electric scooters are on fire. The vehicle owner was driving the Praise Pro scooter when it caught fire. Fortunately, the owner was able to escape the vehicle without any injuries. It is said that the vehicle owner had not given his vehicle for servicing despite many remainders from his dealer.

 Electric Scooter Goes Up In Flames In Fourth Incident Involving Okinawa

Image credits- CNBC

The company in response said that the owner of the vehicle had not brought the scooter for servicing despite several reminders by the dealer. At least eight incidents of fire on EVs have been reported in a month in different parts of the country including forty electric scooters of Jitendra Electric Vehicles together catching fire in a transport container in Nashik on April 9, the biggest of such accidents.
Amid growing concerns over safety issues around EVs owing to these incidents, all testing norms for batteries, cells, and battery management are being revised, sources told CNBC-TV18 earlier. The government is also holding a dialogue with companies whose vehicles were involved in the recent fire incidents.

Other fire incidents

This incident was followed by another Okinawa, an R30 reportedly burst into flames in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, on March 28. Yet another fire incident involving an Okinawa scooter, the third such instance in less than a month. It was reported on April 12 from Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.

News Okinawa Praise Pro is one of three high-speed models in the company’s line-up; costs Rs 80,000. A total of 3,215 units of the Praise Pro were recently recalled by Okinawa Autotech. Close to 7,000 electric scooters were recalled by multiple brands in the last two weeks following fire incidents. Yet another Okinawa Autotech electric scooter caught fire in Tamil Nadu on April 30, marking the fourth thermal incident involving an Okinawa in just a little over a month. A red-and-black Okinawa Praise Pro, registered in Hosur in April 2021. It went up in flames in Krishnagiri earlier this morning, and the owner, Sathish, was lucky to escape unhurt. It happened as the scooter reportedly started emitting heavy amounts of smoke on the move before bursting into flames. It must be noted that this is the same scooter that Okinawa Autotech issued a recall for earlier in April. The findings of the full investigation into the fire are awaited. Okinawa had issued a statement at the time essentially saying the fire broke out due to the user’s ‘negligence’ in the charging of the scooter.




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