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Onco secured $7 million in Series A

Onco.com, which is an online aggregator for cancer care, has now secured $7 million in the funding round of Series A by the Chiratae Ventures and Accel and Dream Incubator.

The Bangalore based startup, founded in the year 2016 by the Amit and Rashie, which aims to use the funds to expand its customer base and scale up the operations across the globe. It aims to become a one-stop platform for all cancer-related needs for family members and patient.

The online platforms offer personalized scientific advice to cancer patients with the help of its network of oncologists. It manages their end to end care by connecting them with the relevant treatment centers, labs, and doctors and offer solutions to their medical issues.

“We are solving a very critical problem, that of ‘information gap’ that every cancer patient and their family experiences,” the company’s CEO Rashie Jain said in a statement. “There are three million cancer patients getting treated in India alone and around seven million cancer patients across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia where our services are available presently.”

“With Onco.com, we are focused on building this cancer ecosystem that patients can tap into any time in their treatment journey,” said Jain.



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