One of a kind company that is sending its Engineers overseas to learn!

  •  Onsite travel has ceased due to the pandemic; our desire to travel has not.  
  • Companies need to do more than provide remote work set up to deliver on “Work from anywhere” promises. 
  •  Ajackus’ initiative ‘Caravan to Dubai’ sets a new precedent in rewarding Engineers with global exposure.

It is observed that 95% of people love traveling, and a company-sponsored business tour is a kind of icing on the cake. But this story is a little different; it’s about a company and its passionate people who travel overseas to learn and explore while continuing their work remotely! Ajackus, a one-of-a-kind company, offers its employees an opportunity to fly overseas to explore, learn, and spend quality time with its senior leadership. We believe that global exposure expands working perspectives while offering a chance to experience new cultures and improve skill sets such as thought leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, and helping our employees evolve on an individual level. 

Ajackus is a multinational (India – HQ, USA, UAE) company that delivers exponential growth to businesses with modern technologies and boosts Engineers’ careers through holistic training, global opportunities, and remote working. As the company prioritizes work-life balance, it has adopted a hybrid work culture that provides work flexibility and can work from anywhere without enforcing work from the office. 

Ajackus’ most recent initiative, ‘Caravan to Dubai’, takes Engineers to Dubai, where the employees can spend time with the Founder & CTO of the company, Mr. Maulik Bengali. With the superpower to work with utmost flexibility, people can experience a new work culture, expand their knowledge, explore the city, and get a surprise visit to Expo 2020! We believe in a healthy competition that motivates people to accelerate their journey towards excellence without blocking anyone from opportunities. Hence, the passengers on the caravan get selected through the internal competition around our shared values and culture. The highest final score is the decider on ‘who goes first instead of who goes.’

Mr. Maulik Bengali, Founder & CTO of Ajackus says, “Delivering exponential growth is also about collecting experiences beyond the boundaries of a confined workspace, connecting with real-world problems, and, more importantly, with audiences from different cultures and various walks of life, and that’s what the ‘Caravan to Dubai’ is all about.” 

The first tour was far from just another learning or a training tour; this was much more than that. Being back home safely, Radhika Patel conveys her experience crystal clear in just one line, “It was much more than just exploring Dubai; we learned, upskilled, and rediscovered our ability to work best in any scenario!” 

The Caravans from Ajackus are not just limited to Dubai but also range from Sydney to even Silicon Valley. We provide an opportunity to work with global teams from varied time zones and work cultures, making our Engineers empowered with future work skills and ready for global collaborations. 

To know more about Ajackus’ work culture, visit their website.