OnePlus might launch Crypto Wallet after Samsung!

Oneplus provides fast processing phones with flawless and user-friendly Android OS. Many people all over the world admire these features. Speaking of technology, cryptocurrencies have created quite a buzz among tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. So, now the feature-rich Oneplus has conducted many surveys related to blockchain technology. It shows their interest in cryptocurrency and willingness to advance into new tech. They asked users about what they are using for research purposes, for example, Coinbase, Gemini, or other Binance Trading Platforms.

OnePlus Could Launch a Cryptocurrency Wallet
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Oneplus survey shows its interest in Crypto Wallet

There was a survey titled as OnePlus Blockchain Research. Hence, we can understand that the company has shown interest in making a product revolving around cryptocurrency. The reports consist of five different categories: basic details, whether they invest in crypto, and the platform they use to trade.

A section is there where it asks the user how often they check the price of the cryptos. Furthermore, the survey also includes a section where users are asked if they face inconvenience while trading. Finally, they also asked users if they could use a wallet or website on mobile, tablet, or PC devices.

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Moving on to the next page, OnePlus asked if their users have used any software like MetaMask, CoinBase Wallet, etc. This section also includes and asks users about hardware crypto wallets.

The fourth part is my favorite section as this is about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This section covers the most basic questions related to NFTs and if anyone has thoughts on creating their own NFT. We are almost at the end of the survey. So the last question is about whether any user has used a second-hand smartphone in their entire life.

All these details look like OnePlus might come up with a crypto wallet and related services. Although, nothing is confirmed yet.

OnePlus and Samsung

It seems OnePlus is following Samsung’s footsteps. The Apple competitor, Samsung, developed a technology for the secure transactions of cryptocurrencies with the Galaxy S10 Model in 2019. From recent articles, we came to know about the Tech Giant upgrading its Blockchain wallet. And after upgrading, it supports 3rd Party hardware wallets now.

The future role of cryptocurrencies in financial markets - Information Age
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Cryptocurrencies and their Trends

Well, cryptocurrency is something everyone in the world is talking about and there are a lot of benefits surrounding it. Recently, there was so much chaos related to RBI banning crypto and the Supreme Court of India rejecting its order in 2020. Even memecrypto, the Dogecoin is going through some serious downfall. Although, Indian Central Bank is working on launching its own world of cryptocurrency within the country. According to Forbes, 2% of industries that show interest in cryptocurrencies is mostly large industries.

For now, the best question to ask ourselves is, if OnePlus comes up with a crypto wallet, will it be a success and boost adoption? Do you think it has the ability to give a proper competition to Samsung, who is already a little ahead in this game? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. If you like the content, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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