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OnePlus To Bring Theme Store For OnePlus Phone Through New Oxygen OS 12 Update
OnePlus will be launching its new OnePlus Theme Store For OnePlus phones via Oxygen 12 update, check out to know more

OnePlus To Bring Theme Store For OnePlus Phone Through New Oxygen OS 12 Update

OnePlus To Bring Theme Store For OnePlus Phone Through New Oxygen OS 12 Update
Image Credits: OnePlus Forums

Customizability has always been a strong suit in Android. There’s a lot you can do for your Android phone, from button packs and Android launchers to applications that customize menus and more.

If you own a OnePlus handset, you’ll be pleased to learn that, in addition to all of the customization features that OxygenOS already provides, the OxygenOS 12 update will also include a theme shop.

OnePlus To Bring Theme Store For OnePlus Phone

The theme store was revealed on the OnePlus forums, where the company stated that it would be available with the next big OS update, which will be OxygenOS 12, which means it won’t be long (hopefully).

The brand also announced that on May 18, it will host an online Open Ears Forum. Theme Store will be the focus of this conversation. Since the manufacturer has announced that the next big upgrade to OxygenOS would include a “Theme Store.”

As a result, with the announcement of the next update of OxygenOS built on Android 12, we can expect a ‘Theme Store’ on OnePlus smartphones very soon.

However, the company needs to talk to some of its customers about it so that it can provide a suitable ‘Theme shop’ where users can download personalized themes and wallpapers.

Users who are interested in attending the meet will apply at this location. OnePlus will send a goodie bag to those that are chosen for the forum, which will include a Hasselblad postcard, an OEF (Open Ears Forum) pin, and a T-shirt.

The concept of an Android device’s “theme store” is not recent. For this, Chinese Android skins like MIUI and EMUI are extremely common. Samsung, a non-Chinese company, has a ‘Theme Store’ on its Galaxy line of Android devices.

However, OnePlus has been slipping behind in terms of timely and bug-free app releases in recent months. As a result, we anticipate the organization addressing this issue first before introducing new features.

On May 18, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. IST, the OEF event will take place. People who are chosen to participate in the OEF will also get a Hasselblad postcard, an OEF pin, and a T-shirt.



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