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Delhi Govt. to supply oxygen tanks for COVID-19 patients isolating at home. Here’s how to avail this service

oxygen supply in Delhi

Oxygen Tanks to supply to patients under home isolation

The Covid-19 cases has just been rising ever since the second wave hit the country in March 2021. The situation was just seen getting worse. This mutation virus seems to be attacking the youth more than the elderly people this time. The situation in the whole country is bad, but the situation in the national capital is worse than any other state in the country. The city of Delhi is seen struggling for hospital beds, ventilators, oxygen tanks and other medical equipment necessary for survival.

Watching the current situation of the captital, the Delhi Government has taken responsibility to reduce this hassle and supply more and more oxygen.

The Covid-19 affected patients who are under home quarantine and require oxygen in the city of Delhi can now apply for oxygen cylinders online. The Delhi government is taking up the role of the caretaker of the patients by minimizing their trouble and supplying them with the life-saving gas.

For this, the Delhi Government has set up an online portal from where the patients can register for the oxygen cylinders.

Apart from people under home quarantine, this service is available for ambulances, non-Covid hospitals and nursing homes

To apply for the oxygen, the applier will require the following set of valid ID and documentation- photo id, Aadhaar card details, Covid positive report — and other documents like CT scan report, if available

A statement passed by the Delhi Government read- “”From 06-05-2021, all persons/individuals requiring oxygen for home isolation patients will apply on delhi.gov.in/ with a valid photo id, Aadhaar card details, COVID positive report and other documents (CT Scan report, etc. if available) indicating the actual need for oxygen.”

It further said- “the DM will issue a pass containing the date, time and address of the dealer/depot from where the oxygen cylinder can be issued/exchanged,”

“In order to streamline the entire system of distribution of the lump-sum allocation under the supervision of district magistrates and also in order to facilitate the public to access these cylinders with certainty”, said the order passed by the government.

In order to apply for these oxygen cylinders, the applier must follow the following steps-

  • Open the delhi.gov.in. website on the internet browser.
  • From the list of services available, click on “Online Booking for Refilling of Oxygen Cylinders-Delhi Government-Corona Relief”.
  • You will be redirected to oxygen.jantasamvad.org.
  • Fill the application there with documents and other details like photo ID, Aadhar card details, Covid positive report and other documents like CT scan report to prove the need for oxygen.
  • Wait for the booked notification and pass of collection of the oxygen cylinders.





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