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Online Sports Betting Glossary

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

If you are a sports enthusiast and want to get into online sports betting, you will need to master a rather specific lexicon. Sports betting is indeed a whole universe in which it is better to understand the specific terms and jargon in order to avoid errors and misunderstandings when betting. So here is a small basic lexicon for beginners which will allow you to tame the different keywords and which will certainly facilitate your journey in online bookmakers. However, depending on the betting site you choose, you will also find other terms. 


Profit is the net gain you get from winning a bet. It is obtained as follows: Winnings – bet = profit. Be careful not to confuse gain with profit.

Beat the Book (Beat the Bookmaker)

This is an essential concept to earn money with online sports books. You are not playing for or against a team, but against the bookmaker. Understanding this nuance will make you a winning online bettor.


The bonus is offered by the sports bookmaker when you register for the first time, it is the welcome bonus. There are many including the deposit bonus. 

Sports Bookmaker

The bookmaker organises the bets on a site by offering them to players/ bettors like you.


This English word simply describes the balance you have in your online betting account.


The stake is the sum that you will put into play during a bet.

Combined (Bet)

This is a single bet that combines several bets on x matches. The odds are calculated with the sum of the odds of all the matches you have selected. The odds are often enormous, but the risk is just as great.


The odds are a unit set by a bookmaker that lets you know precisely what you could win if your bet is confirmed. The odds value is the inverse of the probability of an outcome occurring. Therefore, the closer the odds are to 1, the more chances you have of winning because there are more chances that the result will happen. Online bookmakers offer European odds. Win = Stake x (Odds). Odds of 3 with a stake of 20 euros gives a gain of 60 euros, but beware, a profit of 40 euros. There are decimal odds and the American odds which are not used by online bookmakers.

Live Betting

This service is characterised by the fact that you will bet for the duration of a match. Traditional bets are made before the start of the match, the live bet allows you to bet during the match of your choice. It is a technical way of betting which requires a mastery of bets, but also of one’s nerves.

Live Streaming

Online bookmakers offer live streaming matches. It is obviously the best ally of live online bet makers.


A term in English used in basketball, football or handball, which refers to the number of final points which is fixed by a bookmaker. It is on this “cut” that you and the bettors will be able to play the over or the under.

Double Chance

This is a type of bet that allows you to bet on a double result on a single match. Most often it is on a single bet. Draw or win by X. 


The team or player with the lowest odds. The favourite is obviously defined by the online bookmaker.


It is a team or an athlete who is not a favourite. This is the team with the highest rating. This so-called “outsider” team is considered to have less chance of winning the match. Therefore, its odds are quite high and if you bet on it and are lucky enough to win, you will win the jackpot. 

Single Bet

This is a bet on a single sporting event and which has a single forecast. Your bet is made either on a home team win, draw, or an away team win. It is also said that a simple bet is a bet on a meeting, whatever it is, as opposed to a system bet. If your prediction comes true, you win in addition to the bet, a profit according to the odds. The calculation formula is simple: Profit = bet * (odds – 1) If your prediction is not correct, then you lose your bet.

Combined or Multiple Bet

A combined bet combines several single bets concerning several sporting events. All predictions must be correct to win the bet. The profit is calculated according to the different odds.

Handicap Bet

This bet makes it possible to rebalance the match when it is too unbalanced. The handicap is a bet where a team leaves with one or two goals in advance. 

Half-time / Full-time Betting

You can bet on a result at half-time and at the end of the match. For example, Man City wins at half-time and loses at the end of the match. It is often high odds because it is a rather risky bet.

Special Bets

These are bets that come out of the classic types of bets. For example, you can bet on a player’s double. You will find them in this section at most online bookmakers. It is a bet that is not linked to a sporting result, but rather to another event having a connection with sport. For example on a coach or on the country which will organise the world cup, etc.



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