Apple iPhone 13 launch
Source: Daily Express

Only 20 fans lined up at Apple’s flagship London branch that opened yesterday

Apple iPhone 13 launch
Daily Express

Apple is popularly known for its reputation among its users. Brand loyalty is massive and it has grown every time a user chooses to buy an Apple product instead of a Samsung. Apple just does everything right for an average consumer and this is why the brand loyalty and fan following is enormous.

However, due to some unknown reason, only 20 people were seen lined up at Apple’s flagship London branch when it opened at 8 am, yesterday. We did not get to see the usual queues at Apple Stores when a new iPhone comes out, and it seemed odd. There is no way that people have suddenly lost all craze to use the latest technology or the latest iPhone. The iPhone 13 lineup that includes four models- iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max have some significant upgrades than last year, it is not a flop show but still, only 20 people lined up to get their hands on the latest tech, what could possibly be wrong?

Well, first of all, let’s not forget about the pandemic, and secondly, online deliveries via Apple Stores and other retailers are way more in trend, and the new normal, of course, for the people to stand for hours in a queue. I believe, people have become more time-sensitive nowadays, and rather spend their time doing something productive than to simply wait in line for a new iPhone.

Anyhow, this does not mean that people have lost the craze for an Apple iPhone. Since, 2007 when iPhones hit the shops, people have been desperately lining up to get their hands on the latest iPhone, trying out the new design, the new camera, and the overall look and feel of their precious iPhones.

As mentioned in several reports, it was not just the London branch that was shunned by fans yesterday, even Bristol and Cambridge Apple Stores were unusually calm on the first day of a new iPhone’s launch.

e-commerce has taken the lead in this department, and it is super-feasible for anyone to just order an iPhone 13 online than to wait in line for hours. Also, as I said, people could be taking precautions because of this global pandemic situation which we all must respect.

There are more logical reasons for just 20 people to stand for the new iPhone than there are excuses. The latest flagship iPhone 13 line-up includes some major improvements in battery life and camera.

Let us know what color iPhone did you buy this year? My personal favorite is the new Sierra Blue.