OnlyFans Model scammed NFT Buyers with Rug Pulls of Over 127 ETH
OnlyFans Model scammed NFT Buyers with Rug Pulls of Over 127 ETH

Vanessa Sierra who is one of the famous OnlyFans model along with has more than 500k followers on Instagram is recently revealed to have scammed the investers with a fake NFT project called SmolBoyz Land and pulled out the 127 ether invested in the project.

What was done by a famous OnlyFans model in the NFT industry?

The case of the fake project by OnlyFans model Vanessa Sierra who is a famous personality shows that if any celebrities or any online personalities became a part of any digital Crypto assets or non-fungible tokens then it can be seen as a cause of concern for the complete industry. As this is not the first time the NFT project was launched and disappeared suddenly without completion.

The recent NFT project SmolBoyz Land started and was promoted by OnlyFans model Vanessa Sierra Complete fake project and it went out of smoke altogether without any further traces of the website itself now this website is directed towards

As Crypto and digital space is having a share number of non-fungible tokens collections it is very much tough to distinguish which among them are legit projects and which can be categorized to be potential rug pulls projects. Some digital asset investors also mention that any individual should not invest in non-fungible tokens until any significant company is involved in that project.

OnlyFans Model scammed NFT Buyers with Rug Pulls of Over 127 ETH
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Contrary to this some claim that it will be problematic for the spiring individual artist along with some small project owners to effectively leverage the digital technology if a big company is getting involved in non-fungible tokens projects.

The non-fungible token collection project SmolBoyz Land has turned out into a rug pull project and all the investors who have invested approximately 127 Ethereum coins into this project seem to be having and clear about their investment and future outcome because everyone has been affected by the news of this NFT scam. Famous Twitter holder OKHotShot outlined that this project was systematically planned and had to demise at a level.

As a part of assumptions, many people wear thinking that this OnlyFans model is having very big reputation and she won’t indulge in any type of scan but the result of this scam shows that no one needs to use his popularity to execute the quick buck processes.

The digital assets market is facing fluctuation after the recent fall of cryptocurrency exchange FTX last month and the cryptocurrency market is having the same situation Vanessa Sierra has claimed all the issues in this NFT project on the market conditions of digital assets.

Through her discord channel, she has apologized to all the users and the investors for the failure of the project and she has mentioned to the community projects to push forward and take over the project. but the proof of the stakes of the investment is still not clear to anyone.