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Our Happy Company: John Legend’s NFT music app raises 7.5M in seed funding

John legend
Source: Cryptonary

Our Happy Company, which the Grammy Award-winning John Legend co-founded, has recently managed to raise about 7.5 million dollars in a seed funding and is said to use this cash to continue the development of new features for its very first product, the NFT (non-fungible token) music platform, OurSong, which was launched back in February.

In other words, OurSong is simply the very first mobile application from a firm commonly referred to as Our Happy Company, made with ambitious plans for reshaping the said industry for songwriters and artists. It truly seems like Legend just wants to monetize your “vibes”!

In addition to this, the superstar songwriter and artist, John Legend is said to recently have sold his song catalog to BMG x KKR. Moreover, as of today, Our Happy Company has proudly announced that it managed to raise about 7.5 million dollars in a seed round that was led by Infinity Ventures Crypto and Animoca Brands, which is also known to be the parent of gaming platform, The Sandbox.

Also, apart from John Legend, Our Happy Company was simply founded by veterans of the streaming and entertainment industries, among which is Chris lin, CEO and Founder of music streaming service KKBOX, and co-founder of the popularly known platform, Twitch, Kevin Lin.


Moving further, OurSong Is said to currently be live as a mobile application, both for Android as well as IOS devices that enables users on the platform to easily build their very own static image, music, or even video NFTs or just purchase other’s NFTs, which OurSong refers to as ‘’Vibes’’.

Not just that, as per the platform website, it is said to currently support tokens on BNB Chain, Ethereum as well as Thundercore. On a similar note, while minting non-fungible tokens the ‘traditional’ way through a smart contract may seem very cumbersome and confusing for the uninitiated, OurSong is a platform that focuses on offering users friendly minting of Vibes with the help of its mobile application itself.

However, it also holds custody so that users don’t really have to rely upon a cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask. Having said that, OurSong keeps all Vibes as well as currencies in its very own app-based wallet but users can easily withdraw Vibes to their MetaMask or another crypto wallet if they so wish.

Lastly, the platform says, one of the fundamental requirements of the open metaverse is that, it must be able to provide an equitable system for creators as well. As a result, their primary mission is to simply elevate musicians as well as artists, along with all creators to greater levels of individual success.

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