Popular Overwatch Esports Star Kim 'Alarm' Kyeong-Bo Dies At the age of 20

Overwatch Esports Star Kim ‘Alarm’ Kyeong-Bo Dies At 20

Kim ‘Alarm’ Kyeong-Bo was also named Rookie of the Year in the Overwatch League but unfortunately dies at the age of 20. Kim began her professional Overwatch career as a founding player of the Korean team RunAway, where he was named Most Valuable Player in OGN APEX Season 4 and won Overwatch Contenders Korea Season 2 on October 26. Kim started playing competitive Overwatch in 2016 with the main tank before going fantastic player support.

Popular Overwatch Esports Star Kim 'Alarm' Kyeong-Bo Dies At the age of 20

Kyung Bo played for the University of Philadelphia, the core team of the Overwatch Contenders Academy, received position star award and nominations for the most important participant in the third season of competition. After the news broke, other stars and followers of the game rushed to social media to pay tribute.

The Overwatch community recently received dire news about the untimely death of protagonist Kim “Alarm” Kyung Bo. On December 7 the official Twitter account of the Overwatch Philadelphia Fusion esports team announced that Kim “Alarm” Kyung Bo was dead, with the Philadelphia Fusion team November 7 reporting that Kim Kyung Bo, better known as Alarm, has passed away at the age of 20. The family did not make a direct statement about Alerms’ death, so it is difficult to guess what happened. Before his death, there were no warnings that he was serious or ill.

Kim ‘Alarm’ Kyeong-Bo rose to prominence in 2020 when he received the Rookie of the Year Award and quickly established himself as a valued member of the Fusion team. The alarm began his playing career with the Fusion Academy Contenders team before his OWL debut in 2020.

Popular Overwatch Esports Star Kim 'Alarm' Kyeong-Bo Dies At the age of 20

The alarm was an outstanding prospect for the organization’s academic team, Fusion University, at Overwatch Contenders from 2018 to 2019 as a novice player and earned over $ 10,000 for being the Top 4 of Overwatch APEX season 1. Since then he has amassed impressive stats that can be seen on the Overwatch League website – In 2019 he raised over $ 161,000 in four Fusion University tournaments, finishing in the top three places of four.

The family hasn’t released any statement yet, and the Fusion team has released a brief announcement of his death. His passing was widely mourned on social media and the many personal stories they shared with him were taken as tribute. The news about the alarms going off was quite painful for many Overwatch fans and professional gamers.

Last week, an Elk member of the Fusion team tweeted that ” Anxiety has been one of the sweetest and kindest people I have met. I met him on the line of the first season of the few contenders. Days ago and he was considered one of the best flexible media players this game has ever seen. He was finally able to make it into the Contenders League after two years where he and Fusion University won five titles and Alarm made it to the World Cup.

The death of Alarm left a huge gap in the gaming community as evidenced by heartfelt fan messages sent in honor of the South Korean. Other esports teams, professionals, and fans use Twitter because of their deep sadness over Kim’s death. This is a massive sudden loss for the Overwatch community. It’s a niche hobby of mine, but I’m heartbroken to learn that my favorite Overwatch League player, Kyung-hoo has died. This tragic piece of information came when Fusion reported the news shortly before Kim would return to play in the 2022 season – no further details were provided.