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3 Reasons behind Adjusting to the Advantages of Paid Online Gaming

3 Reasons behind Adjusting to the Advantages of Paid Online Gaming

There was a time in India where Indian families were not supportive of a career choice in gaming. Gaming used to consider as just a hobby. But, the time has changed now. People are getting used to the cosmopolitan culture in the society, and the improvements in the technology have paved way to accept online gaming as one of the creative career options rather than choosing a 9 to 5 job. Indian families are in the transitioning phase of accepting, participating and supporting online gaming seriously and is good news for all the gamers across the globe.

Comparatively gaming industry has grown very big in the past 18 years that in 2000, it was worth USD 7.98 billion and now in 2018; it is worth an unbelievable USD 137 billion according to a report. Gaming is not just a hobby now; it is a form of entertainment – from PC gaming to console gaming to the mobile gaming, it is a multi-billion dollar industry.

After the advances in mobile technology, traditional games like board games, card games and even the children games are easily accessible on your mobile phone. A huge amount had spent on designing and creating the gaming structure which a common man can easily understand. So, gaming companies are experimenting on games for long-term benefits and profits. Nowadays, people don’t hesitate to take a paid subscription; thus, a trend has started for paid online gaming.

Digital gaming is usually conducted through either micro-transactions or pay-to-play methods. The main aim of both the methods is to increase the gaming experience without any unfair advances. You can see these features in the game applications like poker online apps, play online rummy apps, chess applications, and backgammon apps.

Let’s look at how online gaming can become more competitive by adding the paying element into the game and why paid online gaming is becoming gamer’s favourite option.

  1. It adds value to the game and enhances gaming experience – Game developers have to invest for the game server maintenance and create space for gamers to enhance their gaming experience. Once the gamer’s progress in their game levels, naturally, they have to pay to enjoy the full benefits of the game. Imagine the treasure hunt game. Similarly, to keep the competitive edge, a micro-transactions or pay-to-play makes the player perform better and earn cash through online.
  1. Who doesn’t enjoy winning cash online by playing games? – As you know, smartphones are easily available in the market for low prices and certain gaming apps like the rummy app can be downloaded for free, micro-transactions is the easiest way to generate revenue. Gamers who enjoy to experiment different gaming experience would definitely pay and play online games.
  1. Improves gameplay experience – It is a natural mentality that if you invest some money, you should get more in return. So, micro-transactions is the best way to test the luck and then spend accordingly. Micro-transactions ignites the competitive spirit in the gamer and subsequently helps in enhancing their gaming skills.


So, micro-transactions have not only increased the competitive spirit in the gamers but, it also adds a layer of responsibility to the developers to give gamers what they have paid for with quality. That concludes, paid gaming is the future of gaming with bright colours.



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