Introduction to the world of photography and Videography

With the increase in the number of people opting for photography and videography as a
hobby, many accessories related to the camera are also increasing. After buying a camera according to the purpose you would like to get fulfilled one starts looking for various tips and good quality cameras to become professional photographers and videographers. Many spend significant money on cameras but by doing so you can’t understand the difference between good images or good video so you need to understand the nuances of photography and videography, which will be covered in this article. Now there are some picture stabilizers like Gimbal for Sony RX100 are used to capture good photographs and make the videos better.

Introduction to Photography

Photography can be defined as the art of taking pictures with the help of a camera by using either electronically using an image sensor or chemically using a photographic film. Various types of photography are done like abstract, wildlife and nature photography. In each of those mentioned the still images are captured to be used for different applications. Various applications of photography include abstract, wildlife, nature and adventure photography. Different types of cameras are available in the market according to the objective we want to get fulfilled for example DSLR cameras are generally used for normal purposes like taking pictures during trips and abstract photography whereas SLR cameras are used for wildlife photography. For each purpose different lenses are used.

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Tips for improving photography:

Before taking a camera and going for photography, there are some techniques or tips to be followed to make the experience of photography unique and memorable and once you buy the camera, the following things should be there in the camera and these are as follows

1. Exposure Triangle

While taking a photo, a good amount of light should be given importance as the quality of a photo is improved by good exposure to natural light or artificial light. The light is affected by three factors namely aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The slower the shutter speed lowers the light comes, the wider the aperture the more the light. Higher ISO allows you to take photos in darker situations, thus improving the quality of your photographs.

2. Holding camera properly

While taking a photograph from a camera try to bring the hands close to your body to avoid shaking of your hands. If you want to do low light photography then using a tripod or gimbals will help you in taking good images.

3. Rule of thirds

Most of the time you can get the sign about the photographer, whether amateur or professional, and you will identify the image on the basis of composition and great the composition is the soul of a photograph so to make composition good rule of thirds is required which states, divide the shots into thirds using two vertical lines and two horizontal lines. This rule is followed by every photographer.

4. Change the perspective

Change the elevation and change the angle as changing both may bring something better to your photograph and shifting from a conventional method of doing photography can make things better for the image.

5. Shoot everything and shoot often

It is always said that ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Similarly for a good photographer practicing the methods of photography is as important as learning it because without practicing you cannot understand the nuances of good photography.

About Videography:

Videography refers to the capturing of moving images with the help of a camera and other digital devices for the production of videos either for marketing or for news broadcasting. One could relate the videography to the cinematography, which is done for cinema production but it is also a part of videography. In a television studio, the videographer usually operates the camera professionally and maintains a variety of video camera equipment, sound recording devices and edits it after analyzing the videos. Videography has also become a profession for many. Especially in travel and adventure industry, the demand for videographers is very high as the entire industry is dependent on the travel documentary.

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Tips for good videography:

As we have learned many things about photography, now we will move to videography and learn some tips to improve our videography. Some of the tips are as follows:

1. Gathering equipment

Before making videos it is important to remember some nuances of videography. Whichever gadget you use whether DSLR or smartphones camera, always shoot in landscape mode. Also to make the video quality better use Gimbals for stabilizing the videos and camera.

2. Have good lighting

During conceptualizing the videos, remember to be intentional about the lighting. Determine the type of lighting you need and the positioning of the light for the desired effect you want. For example, if you want a dramatic-looking scene you will focus more on shadows in the right places.

3. Keep your background simple

Make the background as basic as possible because the main key is to minimize the elements that will make the scene cluttered and take away the attention from the subject and try avoiding casting on a shadow.

4. Improving your composition

Good videography involves more than just aiming your camera at the scene. By allowing the visual elements to tell your story and changing your camera framing to make the look of your video aesthetically pleasing.

5. Set the white balance

Set the white balance on all cameras as it will make you rid of any changes in the temperature and color of the weather. It also helps you in speeding up the editing process and reduces the post-production costs in the future. Also set the exposure settings which allow the Videos to take appropriate light like frame settings, ISO levels, and aperture level.


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So after making oneself aware of the nuances to be kept in mind while doing photography and videography through a camera, one could easily make the quality of the images and videos better and the tips provided will be beneficial in making oneself a good photographer or videographer.