How do I get my Togaf certification?

Togaf has been adopted by many of the organizations now for a better IT architecture management and better efficiency in the handling of technology. With the increasing number of vacancies for the positions of IT architecture and many others, organizations are looking forward keenly now for candidates who are skilled enough and are especially Togaf certified. This has led to a number of training institutes to offer such training to many of the candidates who wish to join job opportunities in such enterprises. Also, the number of candidates with such interests has risen up.

Are you among such candidates who are looking up to have a career option in IT architect job profile in an enterprise or a brand? If yes, then having the certification in Togaf pursued is the best thing that can be done. The Togaf certification training helps an individual in a number of ways such as offering great career opportunities, handsome salary package and also the skills that make the individuals skilled and efficient in their work. It is because of these reasons; the course is high in demand currently. In order to get the certification in Togaf, there are some of the important things that one need to know and follow.

One good thing that you can be relaxed about is that there are no such eligibility criteria required in order to pursue the certification course and appear for the Togaf certification training and exam to get certified. It is only that there are some of the steps that one needs to follow carefully so that the training can be pursued properly and the certification can be gained soon.

How to Do It?

There are two ways of how a candidate can get the certification. The exam can be applied for either by going through self-learning or by getting training in the course. Though now there are books available online exactly that can help in studying for the exam, it is always better to go for the training as it not only trains you but also helps you in getting prepared for the exam and scoring good marks. Also, when you are pursuing a proper training before applying for the exam, there are high chances that you will clear the exam in the first instance only and will come up with the certification soon in hand. It has been noticed that people who do self-studying may often fail in the exam and have to re-apply for it.

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Choosing the Training Center

When you are decided that you are going to pursue training for your exam, it is important to get the right training center for your training now. IT should be checked whether the training center is worth providing the right training or not. It should have good faculties, correct schedule of training and proper mentoring. Whether a training center is worth or not can be known by going through its varied reviews online. After you have selected the right training center, then the actual training starts.

The certifications

There are two different certifications available to pursue and these are the Togaf 9 Foundation and Togaf 9 Certified. Togaf 9 Foundation or better known as Part 1 deals in the terminology and basic concepts about Togaf, offering the candidates the basic knowledge about Togaf. Similarly, Togaf 9 Certified or Part deals with the application of the knowledge that has been learned in Part 1.

There are two ways of how the candidates appear for the exam. Firstly, they appear for the Part 1 exam and on completion of the exam and availing the certification, they get ready for the Part 2 exam. Secondly, there is a combined test where the candidate can appear for both the parts together.

If a candidate does not wish to go through the whole process of getting trained in the Foundation course and then going to the certified level, he or she can take up the combined test. The combined test may seem to be quite an easy one, but it is not because the candidate needs to prepare double and need to appear for the exam with the thought process that he or she is appearing test for two levels together.


The Training

The training comprises of theoretical studies as well as practical sessions for a better understanding of the concepts and the topics. There are several ways how the training goes on such as practical sessions, case studies, discussions, questions sessions, and many others. Candidates can schedule their training session online and can get the required training in order to understand the concept properly so that they can appear in the exam with confidence and come up with flying colors and get the certification achieved in the first instance itself.

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The Project

Just getting trained and sitting for the exam is not the only thing that is going to fetch you with the certification. There are also other things such as assignments and projects that the candidates need to complete and submit in order to complete the training process. The assignments and the project will be reviewed and scored by the top professionals of the field and they will also help you in knowing about your faults and will help you in knowing how to correct them so that you can get learning for your career ahead.

The Exam Preparation


After the training is completed, it is time to get some preparation for your exam properly. Of course, this will need a lot of studies and practicing too. If you think that just going through the books and the modules will be helpful for you, this can be the biggest mistake of yours. Apart from the studying part, it is highly important that you do a bit of practice. For this, there are a number of practice test papers available online that can be extracted and practiced a few times before the actual exam. This is an important step because this helps you in getting comfortable with the pattern of the question paper. Also, there are a number of people who are not able to complete the exam due to lack of time in their hands. Properly practicing the test papers can help you in completing the exam on time and answering them in a proper way.

What’s if I fail?

There are a number of times when an individual may fail in the exam in the first attempt. If such a thing happens, the individual will not be able to appear for the exam for one month. There has to be a registration once again for the exam after a time period of one month and then the candidate can appear for the exam. To avoid such failures, most of the individuals prefer to join a training center and get trained before appearing for the exam.

Togaf certification has become one of the most important certifications that are required and asked by the organizations today to hire a candidate. This has made a number of individuals to pursue the certification course so that they can grab the opportunity and can have a higher career ahead. Following the steps can lead the candidates properly towards the certification in a much convenient way so that they do not have to see failure.