Pickups Are Becoming More High-Tech And Comfortable

When we think about pickups we do not picture features like backup cameras, cooled seats, heated seats, and panoramic glass roofs. However, this is exactly what truck buyers in the US want right now. Statistics show that the regular buyer spends $46,844 on such a vehicle. This is actually more than many of the luxury SUVs, including the Lexus RX and the Mercedes GLC. 

For most buyers at the moment, when looking at the modern pickups, the price tag is higher than what can be afforded. This is because of all the technology that is now included in the trucks. Even so, we have to understand the fact that the additions are worth it. Combine the price with a well-built Chevrolet extended warranty and you end up spending quite a lot. 

According to Ford, around 50% of those that bought the Super Duty trucks sold by the brand opted for a luxury version, like Platinum, Lariat, or King Ranch. We also have very good sales for the Limited Version. 

What is interesting is the fact that people are looking at luxurious pickup trucks for a very long time now. We can say that the trend started around 2013 with models like the Toyota Tundra CrewMax and various ones from Ford. At that point in time, only limited luxury addons like upholstered leather seats were available. Even so, they were really popular and more and more people started to look at the regular pickup truck as being much more than just a luxury sedan, which was the case until then. 

The New Family Car?

At the moment, the pickup market is dominated at a really large level by male buyers. However, more and more women started to buy. For instance, between 2008 and 2016, the number of women that bought pickups increased by a percentage of 67. Basically, many end up buying pickup trucks as a family vehicle instead of a more traditional sedan. 

In the past ten years, pickup trucks added various extras, including additional seating. The cabs are larger so more space is available for both children and adults. The crew-cab pickup regularly offers a lot of rear-seat room so that seats for children can easily be installed. 

Family-Friendly Modifications

The shoppers that choose the pickup as a vehicle for the entire family are not just the traditional buyers. We have access to many of the same priorities, like hauling, off-road ability, and towing. However, at the same time, extra features like technology included, safety, and exterior appearance are vital. Pickups stay high off from the level of the ground, so drivers can easily see what is seen outside. 

A good example of very good evolution is the Ford F-150, which evolved a lot in the past years. There is now access to a quieter interior, larger cab options, and countless luxury features. Modern trucks are versatile and it is the family-friendly wishes of the buyers that drive this change. 

At the same time, we can also talk about true luxury pickups. Some of the modern high-end trucks include power-adjustable pedals, very good infotainment systems, multizone climate control, soft-closing tailgates, leather seats, and much more. High-end trims are more in more demand, with an increase of over 20% ever since 2009 across the market. 

There are many vehicles that cost over $50,000. Out of them, the full-sized pickups instantly stand out as being very popular. They cost over $60,000 and include numerous countless amenities. 

On the whole, the technology that is included in modern pickup trucks keeps getting more and more advanced. You can expect so many interesting things as time passes and there is no reason why you should not consider it when you look for luxury.