Plane crash into the Caribbean, Rainer Schaller still missing
A plane carrying six people crashed into the Caribbean, including fitness influencer Rainer Schaller

A plane carrying six identities is believed to be crashed in Costa Rica on Saturday, 22nd October. A total of six identities are feared to be dead, one of them being the owner of Gold’s gym Rainer Schaller.


According to Security Ministry, all the passengers are assumed to be from Germany. The authorities of Costa Rica informed that they have found some pieces of aircraft in the water after the flight went missing on Friday. According to sources, the plane was flying at a speed of 295mph and was 230 feet above sea level, the last time it was reported.


Among the people was Rainer Schaller, who is the owner and the CEO of Mcfit (gym chain), his wife Christiane Schikorsky, their kids Aaron Schaller and Finja Sghikorsky, and a fitness trainer Marcus Kurreck. They were flying from Mexico to Limon in Costa Rica which is 17 miles away from Limon airport. The plane carrying the names was a nine-seat Piaggio P180 Avanti private jet.


The aircraft disappeared from the radar and was reported missing when it was heading to Limon. It lost communication with the control board around six in the afternoon. A search was immediately started but delayed due to bad weather till Saturday.


Rainer Schaller, age 53, is the owner and CEO of Germany’s largest gym chain, Mcfit with over 246 gyms located all over Europe. In 2020, he bought Gold gym after the complaint of bankruptcy during the pandemic. His company owns a total of 20 fitness and lifestyle chains such as Gold gym and Mcfit. It operates in around 40 countries with 41,000 people involved.


He was in the headlines when an incident happened in 2010. A crash in the event killed nearly 21 people and injured over 500 people. He was the event organizer of the Berlin Love Parade techno festival. The festival aimed to promote fitness and health especially of Mcfit studios. He was blamed by the authorities for the accident caused. However, Schaller fought against the false blame that he faced and in 2018 he proved that his security was approved by the city.


Till now there is no clue how the plane crashed. So far bodies of two people who have been recovered from the location have not been identified, as informed by the Costa Rica Public Safety Ministry.