Notorious UK hacker jailed for selling unreleased artist songs
Notorious UK hacker jailed for selling unreleased artist songs

Notorious UK hacker jailed for selling unreleased artist songs

A notorious hacker is sentenced to jail for 18 months after being convicted of selling unreleased songs of some prominent artists including Ed Sheeran. The hacker was tracked down by UK officials after the hunt for more than 3 years from the crime.

What is hacking?

The process of hacking is an internet activity in which malicious cyber activities are carried out by an individual. This is the process in which a person can get access to some other remote devices by injecting viruses, or bugs into that system and some technological encroachments in that budded device. Once hacked the person can have access to that device for all possible operations from that remote location.

Notorious UK hacker jailed for selling unreleased artist songs
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The hacker can be able to easily steal data, images, and sensitive information from the devices, with remote access. This can be carried out by the hacker until this bug is interpreted by the remote device owner.
In most cases, all the operations of the hacking are operated to work on the dark web of the internet. Once the data is stolen by these hackers, these hackers use the data for personal monetary benefits like selling this information on the marketplaces of the dark web.

Who is behind this hacking?

The recent operation of hacking was carried out by Adrian Kwiatkowski, a 23 years old male from the UK, who had named himself Spirdark on the dark web. He sold these stolen pieces of information for bitcoin on the dark web. After the arrests, the police officer documented that he was having access to hundreds of songs from approximately 80+ artists. The hacker had been found guilty of the crimes such as 3 devices unauthorized access, selling 14 copyright materials, passing 2 criminal properties, and converting one criminal property.

Is hacking criminal activity?

The hacking is considered criminal captivity, as it breaches any individual’s privacy without their consent into their device and this remote access is further used for unethical practices like blackmailing or selling the sensitive data from that device to others for economical benefits.

Who are black and white hat hackers?

Just like the grey and white life patterns and the personalities in the world. The back hat and white hat hackers work for the cyber communities. White hat hackers are considered security analysts who work for data safety and security against malicious activities in the world. The black hat hackers are active in malicious activities and work for personal movies and monetary gains in the cyber world. Considering the safety of the world matter, The penalties for hacking are very harsh for some countries such as life imprisonment and lifetime online device bans for convicted individuals.