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Playstation 5 Is Taking Console Gaming To The Next Level

Playstation 5 Is Taking Console Gaming To The Next Level


If you love a good console war, the release of the PS5 will put you in the best position for the next generation of games, whether you like Madden 21, FIFA 21 or Xbox Series X. Sony has finally unveiled its next console, the PlayStation 5, which released in the later half of 2020. The next generation consoles are the Microsoft Xbox series X and Sony PlayStation 5, which are roughly released in the same timeframe.

The Sony PlayStation 5 been reportedly been selling out in minutes people are waiting in line for it at best buy so far certain stories have also come out of people giving 3X the price just to get their hands on one. some people have even gone far to selling their PS5 for higher prices on E-bay and etc.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 includes a super fast SSD, which is about 100 times faster than its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. Whether you want to buy a PS5, already have one, or just want to know more about Sony’s next console and its features, we’ve got you covered. Remember to bookmark this page as we update our ultimate PlayStation5 resources to learn more about Sony and the next Gen consoles, and also to see if you should take the plunge and buy from Sony.

As compared to its closest competition the Xbox series X

The PS5 Digital is more powerful than the Xbox Series S, but it’s worth noting that the barrier to entry to next-gen gaming is cheaper if you opt for the Microsoft ecosystem. The free double-permission upgrade is only available to those upgrading from their Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Windows 8.1 console to PlayStation 5 Digital, and it costs $50 more than the previous model, the digital version of the PS4 console. it’s noted that it’s not cheap, at least not for people who are willing to opt into Microsoft’s ecosystem and buy from Microsoft.

To sweeten the deal, PS5 owners who subscribe to Sony’s PlayStation online service will automatically have access to more than a dozen PS4 games that can only be played on their new console. You can also play PS3 and PS2 games through PlayStation Cloud Gaming, which Sony recently revealed would support the new consoles. The PS 5 is also backwards compatible with the PS 4, meaning you can play 1,000 PlayStation 4 games that you can play on your new PlayStation 5 Digital or Xbox 360 at no extra cost.



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