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Plug in Norway: World’s First Electric Boat High-Speed Charger
The high-speed boat charging station can charge both cars and boats.

The project started in 2019 to build a high-speed charger for electric boats is now complete. Norway is ahead of its times compared to other European countries. And now has the world’s first electric boat high-speed charger by Plug.

World's 1st network of e-boat superchargers launches

Image credits- PlugBoats

The project success

As Reuters first released the video the Supercharger is catching Norway citizens’ attention to electric boats. Also, this is a dual charger, where it is capable of charging both boats and electric vehicles. 

BKK is the largest power in Norway, has further plans to electrify Norway and shift towards renewable energy. The CEO, Jannicke Hilland stated, “Norway has led the way in the electric car revolution. Now the country is also focusing on the nautical industry, making it easier for the users to switch to an electric boat.” 

Furthermore, the Co-founder and CEO of Evoy also stated, “This is a dream come true for Evoy, seeing that the infrastructure starts to pick up, making e-boating a viable option to more users. The infrastructure and electrification of ports are essential to develop a stable market and meet the present demand of electric boat owners. Also, one of the obstacles was the charging capacity, often too slow. With 150kw, this is no longer a concern.”

First in Northern Europe 

This fast-charging infrastructure is the first in Northern Europe. Being part of the BKK company, Plug plans to have more charging stations. As said by the general manager of Plug, Maria Bos, “There are few plans for single chargers in Norway. In Europe, there are a couple of private initiatives.” 

This fast-charging boat charger is only the beginning. If the country has enough demand they plan to install more chargers in Norway itself. Also, the company has shown interest in Oslo Fjord and Western Norway. They have alliances with boating associations and other multiple ports. 

Compared to a traditional charger, it is the “fast-charging” that is attractive. Electric boats have better mileage and speed compared to fuel-based. With such speed charging facilities the demand is expected to rise. 

The CEO of Evoy also talked about having boats with better mileage and battery capacity. He says that it is possible to make better electric boats as demand increases. 




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